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You Can’t Go Anywhere Any More


angry graffiti

Like it wasn’t bad enough before when “all” we had to worry about was going to large events with tons of people?

Now we have to worry about a short trip down the street to the local dive bar for a nice, relaxing happy hour.

How can you relax and enjoy your “happy” hour if you’re constantly worried about some lunatic crashing in at 1:30 AM brandishing weapons?!

(or any old time, really)

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St. Louis Sk8venture 2016

We had a magnificent time!! There aren’t many skating pictures because I took a lot of video (which, at the time, I did not realize).

Also, there weren’t as many people at the sk8 party as I had anticipated, and most of everyone was local to the area (Illinois, Kansas, Ohio – 2 very sexy brothers from Alabama!). It turns out there were only 150 people there each night. It was a tad bit disappointing, but I saw some of my sk8 family and added a couple to it.

On our drive back, we stopped Sunday night in Kansas City and I skated at Winnwood for their adult night. More people were there than at St. Louis’s actual inter-state sk8 party!

On our way to Sedalia Friday morning to get some coffee! It was a gorgeous morning drive after sleeping at a rest stop in the car Thursday night.

20160610_084944 20160610_085102 20160610_085120

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The Best Sk8-venture Ever!!

My weekend was just about as perfect as a vacation weekend could be.

Unlike Loserman last year, my ride (Mr R) was precisely on time.

Everyone arrived at the airport with plenty of time to get through security. We even had enough time to sit down and have a nice breakfast!

Breakfast on the way to KC

Eleven of us flew (on the same flight, mind you! One is missing from the pic in the far left corner) and one drove. It was unbelievable that so many people went along! 8 boys, 4 girls…

Everything went so smoothly: our flight was on time, we got good rental cars, we had time to stop and get groceries and lunch and alcohol, our rooms were ready when we got to the hotel/s (I stayed across the street because I booked my room in the skate party room block at the host hotel; their reservations were made too late to get the 5 rooms they needed)…

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Life Must Go On


This November, for the third year in a row, I will be attending Kansas City, MO’s Fall Roll Fest.

Except this time will be different.

I’m not going with Loserman. He’s completely out of the picture.

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Sk8-Venture Drama 2014: Day1

First I want to say that, before I leave on any vacation, I like to have a “base plan”. Nothing sophisticated, complicated or time-consuming, just a fucking base plan. In my mind, in order to arrive places on time, there should be a deadline time to leave. Period. My deadline time for leaving on our Sk8-Venture was 10AM (because we left at ten last year and got there at 8:30PM, with time to settle in before we had to race off to the skate party).

After that, the entire rest of the weekend could have been spontaneous.

The plan we discussed last Tuesday was:

  • Pack up all our stuff on Thursday because we both had the day off. (Big surprise, he didn’t do anything ahead of time)
  • Call Loverman at 9 o’clock Friday morning to wake him up
  • Leave by 10AM on our awesome Sk8-Venture

As you may already know from reading my blog, Loverman very rarely sticks to the plan (if ever). This time would not be the exception.

Friday morning I called him as planned and I thought he would be ready to go. Because he was supposed to be. He promised he would be. We talked for a few minutes. He said he had to take a shower and then he would be on the way. Which left me with the impression that he was going to take a shower and then leave. This was at 9 o’clock.

At 11:13 I got a text from him, “Leaving now and will be there in a few.” It takes about 20 minutes for him to get to my house, so I put on an episode of a sitcom I had recorded and watched it to pass the time. The episode ended and he still hadn’t arrived, so I watched another episode. When that one ended and there was still no sign of Loverman, I actually started to get worried because it was taking him an unnaturally long time.

Ironically, I made a joke with Thing #1 Thursday afternoon about how I would just be happy if he picked me up by 12:30. I should have knocked on wood when I said it. Loverman would be a day late and a dollar short to his own fucking funeral!

I called him at 12:11 to see what was taking so long. He told me he was at the gas station filling up the car. That’s great! Except he was supposed to have done that the day before. Still it wasn’t 12:30 yet, so I decided to just breathe and not to freak out. It worked.

He finally got to my apartment at 12:45. Only 15 minutes later than I anticipated. I was marginally upset but I got over it. Really I was happy that I could stop freaking out about when he would get there!

After re-checking the car and getting everything all packed into it, we were on the highway by 1PM.

The driving trip was fun. We listened to music, sat together and talked. The only thing strange about it was the lack of affection during the entire drive. Usually we kiss at all the stop lights or make out at the gas station when we’re filling up, and we always hold hands as we’re driving down the road. We wiggle and giggle and fiddle with each others’ sexy bits. This time, I would put my hand out for him to hold but he acted like it wasn’t even there. He never once said anything about Vanilla and Coconut. I didn’t get a single smack on the ass. During the 10-hour drive I only got 3 kisses and they were tiny pecks.

But, like I said, the ride was fun and I didn’t want to get too preoccupied by something so small. I really was trying not to have a repeat of last year.

We checked into the hotel at 11:35PM. The Friday night skate party started at Midnight and went until 3:30AM so we had time to get changed and ready to go skating. We would be fashionably late, but everyone else is late to these things, too.

I changed my clothes and put on some makeup. Loverman tried to decide what to wear and ended up wearing what he already had on.

We arrived at the rink at a little before 1AM. Both of us were happy that we made it the whole way safely and still had a hotel room to check into.

Skating was awesome on Friday night! Loverman and I were tight and we skated amazingly. There is so much skate talent out there! I love to watch all the different styles, but I felt that we really held our own. We skated all the way through until the last song at 3:30 and then went back to the hotel to chill, clean up, eat some yummy breakfast and go to sleep for the day, until later when we might go bowling with the rest of the folks.

Oh my freaking goodness! I have no idea what the fuck happened after that! Maybe you can tell me because I seriously don’t know what went down to get us to the point of “maybe we should just be friends”.

Now as I look back on things, I think he had already set up our vacation for a fail.

Here’s how it went once we got back to our room:

We sat on the bed together for a little while, eating because we were starving and talking about how great a time we had and how awesome the skating was! (Looking back on this, I think we should have each had a glass or two of wine with our munchies and things would have gone much more romantically differently)

While we were talking I mentioned that I thought our lack of any intimate contact all day was strange and I wanted to know if something was wrong. I don’t remember his response, but I thought it was benign so I let it go.

I said I wanted to take a bath and take a quick nap before we went down to eat breakfast at about 9:30. My knee was killing me and I wanted to relax in a warm tub. I wasn’t feeling especially tired either, so maybe it would help with that, too. He was going to use his clippers and shave his face and head while I was in the bath, but when he came into the bathroom to shave, the mirror was all fogged up so he couldn’t.

He then said, “I thought you were going to take a shower.”

I answered, “I wanted to take a bath because my legs are really sore, but we can take a shower if you want to join me.”

“Naw. I’ll wait and shave when you’re done and shower later.”

“Okay,” was my response. I finished up my bath and crawled into bed. He was just standing outside the bathroom door, in his underwear, in the dark. I said, “Don’t worry about me. If you want to use your clippers to cut your hair and stuff you can do it while I’m sleeping. It’s 5AM and I am tired. You probably won’t bother me at all.”

He didn’t answer me right away and I got up out of the bed to see what he was doing alone in the dark bathroom. When I walked up to him and asked, “Is there something I can do? What’s wrong? It’s fine for you to trim your beard and stuff. Don’t worry about it. Please go ahead and take a shower.”

Loverman looked at me and said, “Why do you gotta be that way? I am just happy that we got here safe, but you’re ruining our weekend just like I figured. Just like last time. And it’s only the first night. We’re going to be here together for 2 more nights and this is how you want to start our weekend together?”

“Last time we had fun after the first night. I’ve already apologized for messing up and we decided to have fun and get along. So we did. I even wrote it down in my journal so I could remember it. I don’t know what I did tonight, but can you please accept my apology so we can skip over this like a speed bump. Then we can have fun for the next three days. Like you said, it’s only the first day.”

“Nope,” he said. “I know that you’re going to spend the rest of the time telling me about how much I ruined your weekend. So I think it’s just best that I leave now. That way I won’t ruin your fantastic skate weekend.” He was completely dressed again with his jacket on, and had packed up the few things that he had unpacked a few hours earlier. “I knew this was going to happen. You couldn’t just be happy that we got here could you?”

This entire time I am fucking clueless of what’s going on. Unless I blacked out or something (and I hadn’t even started drinking yet) I honestly don’t know what I did wrong. And, for all the times I asked him to please tell me, he couldn’t give me an answer.

He repeated that it was because I couldn’t just let things go from last year and have a good time — he told me that I was just going to keep bringing up how bad it was last year. “I know I was 3 hours late,” he said. “You can be mad at me for that.”

“I don’t want to be mad at you for that. I don’t want to be mad at all. I want to stay here, sleep, eat breakfast, wake up and have a good time.”

He grabbed his stuff and walked out into the hallway.

He was just going to pack up all of his shit and leave me there all alone on Saturday morning. The first morning of our awesome adventure. Without even giving it a chance.

As he stood there in the hallway talking to me, he explained that he would call his cousin and ask her to bring him back. All I could think was: Seriously?!?! You’re going to ask your cousin to drive you 10 hours to Denver and then make her drive back to Kansas City?!? And you only have $40 to your name?!?!

I told him that I really didn’t want to stand in the hallway having this argument as people were waking up and going downstairs for breakfast. I asked if we could go back into our room. He told me we could go down and talk in the lobby by the breakfast area

Brilliant!! I love putting on a good break-up performance for onlookers early in the morning. That’s good shit! Besides, if it wasn’t us it would probably have been someone else *sigh* Awesome! We headed down to the lobby and sat where he chose to continue our talk (at least we were away from the front desk).

I would go into that part, but most of it was me saying the same things over and over again and what I wrote in yesterday’s post. He wasn’t listening to what I was trying to say and he kept putting words in my mouth. He kept telling me how I would feel and what I would be thinking. I kept telling him how he needs me to let me have my own thoughts. I reminded him that I am not a complete nasty psycho-bitch like all the rest of his girlfriends. Then I said:

I need you to stop holding me responsible for other people’s mistakes that have hurt you.

I am not those people, nor do I want to be. I don’t want to hurt you ever. Please let me have my own thoughts and actions, don’t try to plan out the future based on how you presume I will be.

I don’t know how much harder I have to work to prove to you that I am worth a little forgiveness, Loverman, but our relationship is totally awesome 90% of the time. That’s a pretty good balance, and better than most relationships I see. You’re a lucky man that things are fucked up in our relationship only 10% of the time. If you can’t see all the awesome things I do for you and be able to forgive me for a mistake every once in a while, maybe you’re right and we should just be friends.

I continued by saying, “The way I see it here is we have two choices. One – get over whatever this is and move on, get some sleep and have a great time again this year after we wake up. Or Two – let me go upstairs and pack up my shit and we can just leave now.”

He sat on the bench next to me (not next to me on the bench) and thought about it for so long I thought he had fallen asleep.

Eventually he said, “I will stay, but only so you can go skating tonight. But we’re not staying Sunday night. We’re going to check out Sunday at checkout time. Also, I will be paying you back for my portion of the trip.”

It took everything in my power not to scoff and say something mean to him at this point. I wanted to say, “In the past 4 years, you haven’t paid back a single penny I have given you.” Then I calculated it quickly in my head. It’s a lot. But I held my tongue.

He got up from his bench and started walking outside with his bag.

I followed him and asked, “What are you doing? I thought you said you were going to stay.”

“I said I’m staying, but I’m going to put all my stuff in the car and go back to the room and get some sleep. I’m wore out with this.” (the ‘wore out’ thing is something he says every single time he doesn’t want to address his feelings and deal with a problem)

When he got back to the room he went over to the chair in the corner, still fully dressed with his jacket on, put on his sunglasses and headphones and went to sleep sitting in the fucking chair.



Sk8 Saturday: Kansas City

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these Sk8 Saturday posts. The video is kind of lame and really long and it’s in 3D, so it looks kind of funky. But, even for all of that, it’s still a super cool video (next Saturday I will show you a better one, though 🙂 I promise)!

Winnwood Skate Center Kansas City, MO

Winnwood Skate Center
Kansas City, MO

You wanna know why it’s super cool? Remember last November when I went to Kansas City, MO on my first sk8venture with Loverman? Well, a friend of mine hooked me up with a video from that weekend and it just so happens that Loverman and I are in it! Sadly, we’re not skating or anything, but we’re still there! We are in the upper right-hand corner at 6:53 (after all the freaking bowling, you would think I was on a bowling adventure or something, lol!). You can see the flash on Loverman’s camera while he’s filming.

Woo hoo!!! Right!?

Just for the record: I don’t like that it’s in 3D. I don’t have 3D glasses and it makes my middle look funky without them. I have on a black skirt that, in 3D, makes it look like I am wearing a crop-top. I am, in fact, wearing a normal-length t-shirt.

Have a great weekend, everyone!! And go skate your asses off!

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Sk8-Venture: Day 3 (The Trip Home)

Winnwood Skate Center Kansas City, MO

Winnwood Skate Center
Kansas City, MO

The skating floor there was awesome! And immense!! Imagine that floor with 400+ people on and around it.

Even though Friday night was kind of hella-shitty, I was glad we stayed and started our Saturday fresh like a brand new day. The day went well and the skating session that night was awesome! The session went until 5AM, but I could only make it to 3:30. Loverman could probably have lasted until the end (I probably wouldn’t have let him based on his “episode” Friday night), but my feet hurt!

I liked the DJ Saturday night better than the one Friday because he actually played songs I had heard before. I knew that there would be a lot of music I didn’t know, but I had no idea there were so many actual skate songs I had never heard before.

When we got back to our room, we showered together and I opened up our bottle of wine and poured our glasses while we watched ESPN News. Loverman hasn’t had much of a chance to watch football this season and Thing #1 and I have been all over it! It was nice to watch the next day’s picks and talk about the injured players with him, and he was enjoying the chance to get caught up. We found out that the Broncos coach John Fox was going to be out several weeks for heart surgery and talked about that, too. Loverman said that it won’t hurt the team because Peyton is such a good quarterback, but I disagreed because the Broncos are playing the Chiefs soon and Peyton might get hurt that game… It was a great talk.

The wine, hot relaxing shower and skating had taken their toll and I could feel my eyes fluttering shut. So, I crawled under the covers next to Loverman and we were asleep by 5AM.

country-sunshine-bedWe woke up at 10:15, just in time for a morning quickie 😉 and a relatively huge continental breakfast. I wish there was more fruit, but it was good to fill up. We filled up our plates a second time right before they started taking things away. I don’t think either of us realized how hungry we were until just then.

There was a gas station across the street and Loverman had determined that it had the cheapest gas on our route, so we filled up and were headed back to Colorado.

On our drive Friday afternoon I saw an Adult Superstore at one of the exits and made a joke that I wanted to stop and check it out on the way home. Loverman forgot about that comment until I saw the signs on the side of the road and I started telling him again that I wanted to go there and see what was so “super” about it.

Eventually he conceded and we stopped in to check it out. It was just like any other sex store that I have been into — there didn’t seem to be anything “super” about it. It was very clean and well-lit… However, I did find out that Loverman had never been in an adult toy store before and we had a bit of fun with that. He had to ask me what a couple of things were, but I had to ask him about a couple of things, too 🙂

I would say that was a fruitful adventure because Loverman helped me find the wrapping paper for his Christmas present (me!) and we both got to learn a few new kinky things about each other. I think there were a couple of times where I scared the crap out of him 😉

The rest of the drive home happened without incident. We stopped to get gas a few more times. Ultimately, we spent about $50 less on gas than I had figured. When we were about 4 hours away from Denver, Loverman opened up my computer and started saving the few skate videos he had taken. Then, just to make sure, he checked his on-line work schedule. Even though he had requested the night off, he was scheduled to work at 2AM!! But, only until 6AM. How messed up was that?!?!

He asked if I was doing okay driving for a while longer while he took a quick nap and made me PROMISE that I would wake him up if I needed him to take over (he knew I was getting tired, too. We didn’t sleep very much over the weekend, he slept the most, and it was now about 8PM and dark like bed-time. I was starting to feel like nodding off). I promised, and about an hour later I had to ask Loverman to take over the rest of the way.

We both had forgotten about the time change crossing back over into Colorado, so when we drove into town at midnight it was really 11PM. That meant that Loverman had time to stop at home to drop off his things and pick up a fresh uniform for work – he didn’t pack one because he asked for the night off…

Once he had a chance to take care of those errands, he dropped me off at home. We unpacked the rest of our stuff there and loaded our skates back into Bear (my truck). He gave me another nuzzle and said “Kick the kids for me. Not now, but in the morning when they wake up.” It was gently snowing and I asked him to text me when he got to work safe — EVEN THOUGH it would be late and I would probably be sleeping, it would help me get back to sleep easier knowing he was safe.

He did and I responded with a message that, when I read it the next morning, made very little sense… But he was safe and I was peacefully asleep.

Our sk8-venture weekend ended very well…


Today’s The Day!

Hopefully, as this post publishes, I am already on my Kansas City sk8-venture. If I’m not, I will be soon.

I hope all of you enjoy your weekend as much as I am going to!! Talk to you in a few days!

And, Happy Friday!!!! (Awesome video, huh?)

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Sk8-venture Prep, Movies and Football

Two more weeks from today Loverman and I will be on the road to Kansas City for my very first (but hopefully not last) Sk8-venture ever!!

I am SO excited!! I’ve been a total skate freak trying to get my body ready for two fun-filled nights of 4-6 hours of skating. I feel like I’m getting ready for a “skate marathon”. For the last few weeks I have been skating 3 days a week trying to get ready (tonight I have to do a big, long yoga session, I am starting to feel a bit tight — gotta work that out…). A normal skate week for me is usually 2 days — Wednesdays and Saturdays. But, lately I have added Thursdays into the mix. There are 5 different Adult Night skate sessions all around Denver (and two more in Colorado Springs and one in Fort Collins) and I would skate every single one of them every single week if I was independently wealthy (and had a car that got better gas mileage 😉 ).

However, tonight will be a night off from skating. Mr. Doom-n-Gloom and Thing #2 will be at MileHi Con 45 (sci-fi convention) all weekend (YAY!!!!). Thing #1 and I will be revelling in the solitude. Tonight will be movie night (and my bedtime yoga), tomorrow is chores 😦 with some more yoga and even more skating, and then Sunday is FOOTBALL!!! We are looking forward to this Broncos vs. Colts match-up — it will be interesting to see how Peyton plays against his old team. Either way, though, GO BRONCOS!!!

I hope you all have a happy Friday and a totally lovely weekend (let’s all watch the Broncos stomp the Colts!)!

And, if you get a chance:


Summer Roller Jam Party Barcelona 2013

Summer Roller Jam Party Barcelona 2013