Smitten with Him

grown-up stuff happens here sometimes

My “Turn”

Sorry if I misled you with my last post.

I didn’t tie Mick up and smack his ass with all the different implements he used on me.

That’s not my style.

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It’s All Fun and Good Until Someone Gets Hurt



I tried it…

The first few times it wasn’t so bad. It was fun, really…

Then there was last week.

Whipped with a switch that I cut for myself…

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Lost In Discovery…

It’s so simple

I crave intimacy


I want someone to hold my hand

To support me when I need it most

To fix the water heater when it’s broken down

To kiss me before bed

To kiss me when I wake

To cuddle up to after a bad dream

To make love to me in the front seat of my car

Or the shower, or the movie theater, or in my bed

Anywhere. Anytime.

I want someone who enjoys the same things as me

Someone who knows what I mean when I can’t make the words come out right

When I got married, I was too young to know any of these things

How I wanted my relationship to be

How I needed my husband to be

What intimacy was

Now that I know

I am lost in discovery…


Another Sweetest Thing


Loverman will make love to me in the morning, just as we’re waking up, before I have put in my teeth.

Then he will lay there with me, when it’s over, and kiss me and talk to me

Like everything is completely normal.

As we’re getting into the shower, he will watch me as I clean my teeth, and glue them into my mouth.

Then he will shower with me, we will wash each others’ bodies and we will get ready for our days

Like everything is completely normal.