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This is How My Month-End Friday Started *sigh*

Hello *Smitten*,

I hope to have our final Zillow and Tulia Invoices tomorrow.

I have been reviewing our budget and expense statements.  I have a couple of questions.  I hope that you can help provide a little more clarity:

Can you provide a detailed ledger for the Atlanta expenses for the period of January 2013 to August 2014?  This would be a great help.


On the very last fucking day of the month, while I am still waiting on crucial paperwork from her, she has the balls to ask me for 20 months worth of itemized expenses?!?!? WTF? Are you serious?

My response:

Good morning, *branch manager*

Attached is the General Ledger detail for all of **your branch’s** expenses from 1/1/2013 until 6/30/2014 (FYI – it was 106 pages). This is what has been made available to me – July’s final numbers have not been provided yet.

As you know, today is the last day of the month and I do not have time to itemize every expense. After you have reviewed the attached detail, if you have specific questions about any of the entries, let me know. I am not the only person making entries to your General Ledger and some of the questions you have may need to go back to the CFO. I need to know very specifically what you are looking for and why if I am to go to our CFO asking for 18-20 months’ worth of information.

I am resending you the email I sent last month with your June financial statement (which is the last one made available to me). Every month, after the final posted numbers are sent to me, I send *your branch’s* financial statement to you, your assistant and our managing broker. In the body of that email I ask that you please review it and contact me with any questions or concerns. Going forward, it may be more prudent to review the financial statements in a timely manner and get back to me with any problems or questions you might have as soon as you have them. It is much easier to remember an entry made a month ago, as opposed to over a year ago.

Your help is greatly appreciated


Happy Friday?



Loverman Withdrawal

We had such an amazing night last night. The last couple of days have been crazy and Tuesday night did not go as I had planned 😦 but last night was wonderful! It’s like, even though he’s having a really crappy life right now, he’s still trying to make sure that things still go well and that we’re still having fun. I never wanted to tell him “I love you” more than I did this morning.

But our very short morning together was cut even shorter because I had to drop Loverman off somewhere completely different than usual. After dropping him off, it added another 15-30 minutes onto my already-50-minute commute, which took away pretty much all of our cuddle time!

And, as a result I am feeling an incredible amount of Loverman withdrawal this morning.

This week has been a torrential ‘thrill’ of emotion and I am very proud of how composed I have been for all the things that didn’t work out as I had planned wanted. But in times of crisis I seem to have more strength/pluck. I don’t understand why it’s easier to put feelings aside at some times rather than others…

Photo Credit: lanier67

Photo Credit: lanier67

I have a lot to say, but I don’t have any time to say it right now. It’s month-end at work and I have to get all that done, plus Loverman was just evicted and there is a lot of time and bullshit that goes into that.

I hope that I can keep it all in my memory bank until I have more time (I hope) to write it here this weekend.