Smitten with Him

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Rock Star Returns. Kind of…

Back in January, I was contacted by a young man on FetLife.

I named him Rock Star.

He was 26.

(Read the entire story [here])

Short version:

We agreed to meet one night at a rather busy bar, had a couple of drinks and got along very well.

So well that we had a “practice run” in the front seat of my “new” car (at the time), Lil Bear.

Then, the following weekend, during a legitimate hookup at a local Motel 6, he professed his undying love for some other woman he had never met…


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Off the Deep End


I am very disappointed in myself for re-engaging with Mick. I should have let his little tantrum be the end of us.

*sigh* But that isn’t the choice I made and I’m now reaping the consequences = excuses, excuses, excuses…

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All Tied Up


Thursday night was practically perfect. Especially since it was only our first play time together.

Mick was perfectly evil and perfectly wonderful all at the same time.

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Special Moments

It snowed all night Monday night and it was slippery enough that, on Tuesday morning, Loverman came to pick me up and bring me to work.

First Day Of Spring
by Masha88

I always love these little opportunities to see him during the week. As much as I miss my awesome truck, part of me is not looking forward to trading his car back for it. That will mean that I won’t have convenient excuses for these weekly-ish rendezvous (though I am sure we will be able to find something). Also, winter will be over next Wednesday, so there won’t be so many icy days where he feels it would be safer if he was the one to drive me  around in the truck.

I am learning to appreciate these special moments as exactly that: special moments.

When he came to get us, he was still wearing his uniform because he had just gotten off of work. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but I love it when he’s wearing a uniform — either his security or mechanic uniform — but, probably any uniform he was wearing would make my heart leap in my chest

We dropped my daughters off at school and the rest of the commute in was pretty much uneventful — you know, snow, traffic, icy roads, conversation… While we were talking, he mentioned that he had the night off and I asked if he would be interested in spending it with me. He replied that we would have to wait and see how the day played out first – there could be step-son school things to attend to or friends’ cars that needed fixing…

Before I knew it we were at my building, kissing good-bye.

Our days both passed uneventfully. In fact, my afternoon at work was so boring I tossed around the idea of leaving work early. But, when I called Loverman to see if he could come get me, he didn’t answer. So, I figured that he was busy. I managed to endure the remainder of my day. It didn’t surprise me when received a text from Loverman that he would be 30 minutes late because he needed to pick up his step-son at school.

CalvinHomeworkHe ended up only being 15 minutes late to pick me up. Again I asked if he would be able to spend the night with me. This time the answer was, “Yes, but I have to go home first. C hasn’t been turning in his homework and I have to sign something that he needs to return to school. Then I have to go over his current homework with him, because apparently he doesn’t understand that he’s going to get held back next year if he doesn’t get an A on everything!” (See my post Husband Swap if you’re wondering what I’m talking about.)

My response in turn was, “That’s okay, I have to go home first too. Everyone might wonder if I didn’t come home after work. How about meeting me on my side around 8?” (There is a Motel 6 on his side of town and one on my side of town. Both are relatively close to our houses — how conveeenient, eh? So, we frequently just ask: Your side or mine?”)

“8’s good for me, baby.”

“OK, I will text you the room number like last time.”

We went our separate merry ways and at 8, like I said I would, I texted our room number to him. There was no response from him for over an hour… I was starting to get a little curious when he finally called, “C totally messed up all his homework and I had to review it all with him. I am sorry to be late, but I am leaving the house now.

Like the last time he called to tell me he was running late, I was just overjoyed that he called me to tell me what the hell was going on. Then he texted me if I had eaten dinner yet and if I wanted to and where.

He got to the motel and picked me up. Again we were on our merry way — this time to McDonald’s. Woo hoo! We waited for almost 30 minutes in the drive-thru lane (after we had already ordered our food) before Loverman decided that we weren’t waiting any more and drove off. Did I want something else to eat instead?

“Ummm… Popeye’s?”

Popeye’s it is then,” and we took our adventure to the Popeye’s drive-thru instead, which really wasn’t much better. There wasn’t a line, but it took them almost 15 minutes to get our food to us! When all was finally said and done, it took us almost an hour to get our “fast food”. We could have gone to the sit-down restaurant across the parking lot from our hotel and still had our food sooner. But, we had fun making fun. As always…

Man, that food was good! I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I felt that hot, flavorful, Popeye’s chicken grease slowly clogging my arteries. We sat at the little cute table and ate our lovely slow food and enjoyed each others’ company. But when I started to yawn, Loverman got up from his seat and said, “Looks like it’s past Mamacita’s bed time. We better get you tucked in.” (It was. He was right.) He walked over to where I was sitting and unbuttoned my blouse. As I stood up to greet his lips with mine, I let the fabric slip off my shoulders and onto the floor. I pulled his sweatshirt up over his head and tossed it over onto the clothes rack in the corner. He unbuckled and removed his pants earlier when we sat down to eat so all I needed to contend with was his underwear. As I lowered them down his legs I also lowered myself onto my knees so I could appreciate his thick, hard masculinity for a few moments. I kissed the tip and licked the lower side of his silky shaft before I took his testicles, one by one, gently into my mouth. I could feel his pulse throbbing. Loverman’s hands were streaming through my hair when he said, “Let’s get into bed.” I withdrew my tender erotic kisses while he sat down on the edge of the bed and opened up the sheets for me to climb in…


I really am lucky for the time that we get to spend together. Yesterday, just for shits and giggles, I looked back at last year to see how many of our trysts I could track. Except for two brief lapses (once when his work changed and once when my ankle broke) we have been pretty regular with a “hook up” every two weeks, or so.

For all the times that we get to be together, I still never get sick of the way he rocks my body. Sometimes it’s the same. Sometimes it’s different. Sometimes he will just throw in something completely new

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