Smitten with Him

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My Psychotic Break (Part 1)

After I told all you folks that I was completely done with Alaska and never ever in a million years going to take him back,

I took him back.

I was so ashamed that I couldn’t write about it.

Just like all those other times before I stopped writing because of him.

Because I didn’t want to hear your objections.

Because you were right.

And at the end end of it all, I ultimately broke.

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I am NOT ‘Country’

When we were coming back from our mini-vacation, Loverman said something to me that stung a little.

It only stung because it’s something he calls me all the time, and it feels like he’s talking down to me when he says it.

He isn’t. I even know he isn’t. But, my feelings don’t seem to understand…

He is simply joking around with me. And the first few times he says it, it’s funny and cute.  But then he takes it too far.

After I ask him to stop.

He jokes around with his brothers like that. Taking something past the point where I think it’s funny.

I’m not one of his brothers, but I appreciate the fact he is that comfortable with me 🙂

So, I brought it up with him while we were driving back.

We talked about it for longer than I really wanted because he kept saying, “I just won’t call you ‘Country’ any more if it upsets you so much.”

I kept trying to explain that it doesn’t upset me the first couple of times, but it starts to when he keeps going after I ask him to stop.

I’m not sure he understood what I was trying to say, but at least I know I can tell him about my feelings without him storming off , slamming doors and ignoring me for a week (like Doom-n-Gloom).

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