Somewhat Stripped: Sexy Sundays

from Girltalk HQ
from Girltalk HQ

I received a nice note from a gentleman who reads my blog. In it he suggested I might be suffering from a rare, but debilitating disease called:


Apparently, that is something that only affects a person when they look directly into a mirror 😉 Read more


What’s your phone number? Dickhead, Dickhead, Dickhead

“…that’s not the type of language we like to hear…”

This is a classic KQRS clip of a drunk guy in Minneapolis being arrested. It is way older than the 2008 upload date – I think the first time I heard it was in the mid-90s.

Sometimes I just hear the guy in my head saying “Dickhead, Dickhead, Dickhead”. It makes me smile every time.

Happy Monday!