Smitten with Him

grown-up stuff happens here sometimes

Crying Doesn’t Help

Maybe Loserman left me because my blow jobs only merit a 6.5


Perhaps it’s because my kisses are too sloppy or give him a rash

Either way it doesn’t matter, right?

He’s gone and no matter how *I* feel, it doesn’t matter.


My ‘friends” have been trying to get me to cry about Loserman.

They say I need to feel those feelings

(My actual REAL friends, all TWO of them, haven’t said anything about it. When they found out Loserman was gone, they both just told me that they would be there for me if I wanted to talk. And that’s all they’ve said.)

Incidentally, I have cried about him every day since last Thursday.

It doesn’t help. Why does everyone tell me it will?

The last time I saw himĀ  I told him that I missed him, and his response was, “I miss you guys, too.” WTF? Who are ‘you guys’? My kids?!?!

I’m nothing special to him.