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Is a Driver’s License Important?

I have not mentioned this yet, but my husband’s driver’s license was revoked over 8 years ago because he didn’t pay several parking tickets over a 3-year period of time.

He attempted to get a new one about  2 years ago, but the DMV didn’t hand him his license on a silver platter (OMG – they wanted him to take a freaking test! OMG!!!) so then he tried to just get the state-issued picture ID. Again, they didn’t hand it to him on a silver platter (this time they wanted him to prove that he was born in the US with this state-issued birth certificate, which, OMG again, he doesn’t have).

I was stupid and had been letting him drive my vehicle until this spring when he had to admit himself to the hospital. After he got out of the hospital, I let him drive one last time and he drove over a curb when he wasn’t paying attention and fucked up the rims. It was a bit of a reality check for me and I said to him, “What if that was a kid, or another car, etc…?” Right then and there I decided that if he’s not even responsible enough to get a Driver’s License he sure as hell wasn’t responsible enough to drive my vehicle! (I have cleaned up enough of his messes because of his stupid choices!)

We have also talked about him getting a passport card. Which is easier to get than a DL amazingly. He asked me if I would go with to prove his identity, I said “Let me know when you have the time and enough money saved up and I will take the time off of work.” As soon as I mentioned that HE would have to pay for it the subject hasn’t come up again. He was even visiting his parents last November so he could have gone with them to get it done (but then he would have to admit to his parents that he lost his DL so long ago they want him to take a test to get it back…).

So, how do you get a full-grown adult person to act like a grown up and start doing grown-up things? Giving him responsibilities slowly doesn’t work with him. He doesn’t take care of it and then I am back dealing with it – and the part that he messed up, too.

That’s my angst for today. Hopefully tomorrow I can swing back into a happy post… Thank you so much for listening and Happy Friday!

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