Smitten with Him

grown-up stuff happens here sometimes


I’ve been seeing a shrink

It started after I told Thing #1 I wanted to kill myself and asked if she wanted to come with

That was when I finally realized I was out of control

It’s been since high school, some 30 years ago that I’ve felt so self-destructive

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All of the time I suspect that things are not what they seem…

…everything has a different meaning…

No one truly means what they’re saying… (I’m getting much better at this one)

Part of that is conditioning I received from my parents (mostly father). And, although I am not blaming them, I have a really tough time changing those conditioned parts of myself.

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Who Knew?!?…

Woo hoo! I’ve been doing this for years!

The Pros and Cons of Mixing Marijuana and Yoga

Yogi fans and recreational pot-users weigh in with sage advice.


Admit it — with all this wellness and legalization on the rise, combining these two recreations has crossed your clever mind. So let’s just get it out there on the table like the healthy communicators we are.

What are the benefits of extra-zen, cannabis-aided yoga?! What are the potential downsides of bending backwards while high…?

We’ve got those answers for you, and more, thanks to one future-yoga-studio-owner who asked the question and prompted quite the discussion. Here’s what people — who’ve paired the activities before — had to say.


  • Can increase focus and enrich meditation
  • Can allow for a greater feeling of connectedness with others
  • Can enhance body awareness
  • “Marijuana can often enhance your ability to focus on one thing, and with well trained and compassionate teachers that make sure the students aren’t pushing themselves and are within their limits I think a wonderful balance can be struck.”
  • It is an amazing experience that helps open my mind and body to learning. I feel relaxed, more willing to challenge myself, more connected to my yogi community in class, and the meditation/visualization exercises are extremely enjoyable.”
  • I used to enjoy a few hits and then attend a restorative class called “Sunday Sanctuary” and it was like heaven. Very relaxing and I found I was MUCH more aware of my body and breathing.”


  • Can cause anxiety (aka: paranoia)
  • Can lead to over-stretching
  • Can make it logistically difficult to drive to and from the studio…

I personally find that marijuana interferes with meditation, which is the main part of my practice personally, but some Shavite sects still ritually use it. Sadhus, which are renunciate yogis, regularly use it.”

I tend to pull something if I’m not totally paying attention, were I high I know I’d fuck myself up even more.”

Some people experience high levels of anxiety during their first time being high. I’d imagine the meditative components of yoga would ameliorate most newbies” anxiety, but not all. Just something to think about.”

I used to combine the two, but I came to realize that when high, I was not as mindful as I could be (I was more absent-minded than undistracted and focused) and a few times, I actually pushed myself into a bad place for my joints because I was not mindful.”

For those still interested in grabbing their best bud and trying out the hybrid activity, here are some words from the wise:

Caveats of doing yoga high:

  1. Use a vaporizer instead of a pipe “Can be used inside without leaving a haze, and easier on the lungs for a breath-oriented practice like yoga.”
  2. If you go to a class make sure your teacher’s not high (LMAO – good one!!) “I think good teachers could make sure the students are safe regardless of sobriety. I wouldn”t condone the teachers being high.”
  3. Be experienced in both pot and yoga before you try it “Since it numbs pain, I”m conscious of being too high and pushing stretches too hard. It might end up causing damage. I would only suggest it for experienced pot smokers who also practice yoga.”
  4. Consider trying it with restorative yoga “While I probably wouldn”t participate in any kind of power yoga or ashtanga after dabbling with weed, I do love some nice hatha, light vinyasa, and ESPECIALLY restorative!!!”
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