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The Value of a Kiss

About a week ago, Alaska asked me to drive him to a client’s upcoming new home (or however you want to say it. I’m not a Realtor® and I don’t technically care about the technicality of it 😉 )…

… because the new home buyers wanted to take some measurements for some stuff they were moving in and other stuff they wanted to buy, yadda. yadda…

The thing about it was, we had already made a different type of plan to spend time together.

Have lunch, watch some cool stuff on the computer…

Other stuff… (I really like the other stuff!)

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Work: Pay Your Bills!

Past Due

There is a monthly agent-billing where I work and, because I am the Staff Accountant, I get to bill/maintain/collect said bills. That being said — we have two agents in the Honolulu office that just can’t seem to pay their bills on time, if at all. There have been issues in the past with our Atlanta office, but that has since cleared up.

One of the agents in Honolulu would like me to automatically bill his credit card every month, but our company simply won’t do it that way. Everything electronic is always done through PayPal or the bank directly and it hasn’t ever been an issue in the past. This agent just doesn’t get it, though. No matter how many times I tell him that billing is a monthly thing and he can pay through PayPal as soon as he sees the invoice in his inbox.

For a while, his excuse was, “Your emails are going to my SPAM folder.” That response made my laugh so hard I almost peed my pants! I tried to politely respond that he could change his settings to accept my emails. Since then, that hasn’t been a problem…

But, this guy still can’t pay his monthly bill on time! I am wondering if he lives on the beach or something. Even if he pays EVERYthing with his credit card, he would have to make the credit card payment on time, right? Why can’t he just set a reminder to pay his monthly invoice every time he pays his credit card?

Here, for your entertainment, is our email conversation regarding his account:

Past Due JB

Past Due JB 2

Cont DisconnectPast Due JB 3

Past Due JB 4

Is it seriously that hard to pay a bill?!?!?!? I understand that it’s really nice in Hawaii and this guy runs a surf business on the side… All I can think is: they must have even better weed in Hawaii than they do in Denver!! Holy Shit!

I am embarrassed to say that this man is trying to sell real estate! For the company that sends me my paycheck? Scary! Methinks he should stick to selling surfboards!

The moral of today’s post is:

Have someone proof-read your emails!