Sunday Morning Good-Byes

Sunday Morning Good-Byes

Waking up with him Sunday morning was even more wonderful than Saturday.

We woke with the sun. I started stirring about an hour before he did, fading in and out of dreamland, enjoying the way he felt laying next to me, relishing the comfort of the bed and the warmth of the blankets.


My head fits perfectly in the nook of his left shoulder.


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So much so, that my neck doesn’t start to get stiff or my arm underneath doesn’t fall asleep. In fact, it’s so comfortable there, I can actually fall back to sleep in that place.

(A week later, TC still wakes up with thoughts that I am cradled there on his arm.


Perfect. 😉 )

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Loverman’s Birthday…

Loverman’s Birthday…

…wasn’t very special.

Or maybe it was…


Every year, Loverman tells me that he’s not going to celebrate his birthday. He says that he’s going to drive off into the sunset and ignore everyone and everything for that full day. I think he says it because he likes watching me get all worked up about it. He knows that I really like celebrating his birthday with him.

I think there is only one time when we actually got to spend his actual birthday day together. Not that it really matters. No matter what, I always try to be the first one to wish him a happy day (I really try to be that person every day…). This year, I got him (us, really 😉 ) a two-night stay in Estes Park at the “Historic Crags Lodge(I *heart* Groupon!).

However, that is not where we went last night. Last night was just a lovely stay up in Blackhawk at one of our favorite casinos (favorite = they send him free night coupons). We went to the bar where we usually hang out to see “our” bartender, but he wasn’t working. In fact, he hasn’t been working the last couple of times we were there. But that’s off-topic…

Last night was sweet and awesome. Loverman has been sick since last Friday and he was losing his voice, so I knew that there would be little-to-no chance of hanky panky. That was okay, though, it was his birthday celebration and he has always maintained that we don’t have to have sex every night we’re together.

For the record, I like having sex with him and we don’t get to do it very often. That’s why I want to do it so much when we are together!! This morning I explained to him that I like the extra-special closeness I feel when he’s inside of me. It’s like rolling out the red carpet. His response was, “More like the wet carpet!!!” He’s so silly…

I went into last night with no expectations of anything (except fun). For a while, during our drive up, he was a little ornery. But, he had just talked to one of his older brothers before he picked me up. Once he “settled down”, things went very nicely and after having a couple cocktails we were both ready to climb into bed and fall asleep together.

And that’s all we did…

Sleeping Couple by Ivan Koulakov - 2007
Sleeping Couple
by Ivan Koulakov – 2007

…and it was perfect.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s so cute! Ever since Thing #1 started Beauty School in September, she’s been calling me every morning when she gets to school and every evening when she gets out.

Regency Beauty instI am not saying it’s unwelcome, just unexpected, and I think I like it, but we’ve never been phone-talking-type people so this behavior from her is strange and a little difficult to get used to.

I don’t think she’s calling me because she misses me or that she wants to hear the sound of my voice (although that thought does please me greatly), she’s simply calling me because the bus drops her off almost 30 minutes before school starts and she gets to the bus stop in the evening 15 minutes before her bus leaves.

I am SO proud of her. She just adapted to this new life like it wasn’t new to her at all.

She has to take public transportation — something completely new to her. So new that I asked Loverman to go with her on the bus for her first day. He actually did it! (I am not surprised that he did it, that’s why I asked him to. He likes Thing #1, too). Then he found things to do and waited around ALL DAY for her to be done with classes so he could walk back to the bus stop with her and make sure she knows exactly what to do. On top of it, he told her that if she ever has problems (like getting on the wrong bus or something like that) not to hesitate to call him and he will do anything he can to help her. Mr. Doom-n-Gloom hasn’t said anything to her about it at all — and he’s her REAL father!

I would like her to get a job, but her school schedule kind of disrupts any kind of regular schedule she could have. She has been filling out applications for jobs on-line and there is a Dunkin’ Donuts opening by our house in a few weeks — maybe one of those can pan out.

This weekend, her homework was to fill out 12 postcards with friends’ names asking them to come and check her out. She came to me at 10PM Monday night asking if she could have some of my friends’ addresses and I told her to just go on Facebook and ask some of her friends — in less than 10 minutes she had more than enough responses to fill out all her postcards. I think that really helped to get her excited.

(But I am not opposed to posting and endorsement for her here and on my Facebook page 😉 ) If you don’t mind getting your hair cut and/or colored, nails done, or a facial by a talented and blossoming student (and you live in North Denver), please let me know and I’ll hook you up! The rates are totally awesome and Thing #1 just started working “the floor” this week. She would be super-excited to have “regulars”, or even just to have someone ask for her by preference. And, Guys, don’t think that you’re excluded in this either. She is thinking about going to Barber School after this because she would rather spend her days in a Barber Shop than in a Beauty Salon (boys are just funner to hang out with than girls, I guess).

So far, she has buzz-cut my hair (I shave the little curly hairs at the back of my neck — but she says that’s her favorite thing to do), done Thing #2’s nails numerous times and braided cornrows in my hair. I know that isn’t much, but she’s been practicing on her mannequins for the last 8 weeks and she just started with “real” customers two days ago. Just remember that:

Practice makes perfect