Last Monday He called me “Baby”.

He’s never called me that before.

He usually calls me “Sweetheart”.

I think it just slipped out.

Which made it feel even better.

He kissed me good-bye, too.

It’s the little things.




All of the time I suspect that things are not what they seem…

…everything has a different meaning…

No one truly means what they’re saying… (I’m getting much better at this one)

Part of that is conditioning I received from my parents (mostly father). And, although I am not blaming them, I have a really tough time changing those conditioned parts of myself.

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Those Sexy Texts…

Those Sexy Texts…

What a nice way to make a Friday even better!

It’s not very often I can get my Loverman to participate in some really good-n-fun phone sex (this time was more like phone flirting but it was still FUN!). You get to hear about it here because this is my journal and this is something I would write in my journal. And lately he’s been responding a lot more than he ever has in the past.

We have silly, stupid names for each other (and each others’ junk) because we kind of act silly and stupid when we’re together. I think that’s what attracts other people to us. I can’t remember a single time that we went to a public place and someone didn’t approach us. Usually it’s just a question or a comment — but both of us think it’s strange. We must look natural together or something… Maybe it’s because we’re so happy when we’re together and people really do want to be a part of that.

So, here it is, in all of its silliness. I thought the entire conversation was adorably cute so here it is for your playful reading enjoyment

ME: Hey, coconut. Did you think about me last night? Because today I woke up feeling VERY satisfied! And now I keep thinking about your magic touch. Ooh yeah…

LM: That’s so funny cause I was. Very hard this morning. Last nite. Thinking about you all since 10 this morning. Still hard!
~ Coconut said to tell vanilla Hi.

ME: Now you’ve done it. I’m even more wet than I was before. I KNEW you were thinking about stuff!

LM: I like to keep it wet. Vanilla likes it when I let coconut kiss her…

ME: Yes, vanilla says – Hi, baby! Squishie wet thoughts to you! Mmmmm…

LM: I’ll let him know.

ME: Ok. But I think it would be better if she told him herself!

LM: I agree. He said for both you guys to stay wet and think about our hard bodies.

ME: LMAO! Ok, dork! Sexy huggs!