If He’s Nothing Else, At Least He’s Persistent


Admittedly, it’s a very flattering feeling to know that someone has been fantasizing about me for the last two and a half years. And he is a successful attorney after all…

We only met briefly in a courthouse; he was the collection company’s attorney, I was getting sued.

He met me under some rather unflattering emotional conditions – doing something new alone (ARGH!!), which just happened to be going to court.

  • He saw me panicking at the beginning while I was explaining things to him (I think I even cried…)
  • I know I cried when the company agreed to settle for half of what I owed
  • I was exceptionally grateful to him after everything was settled and done – I thanked him profusely for being patient and kind and helping to make the process easier for me.
  • Afterwards, when we rode down on the elevator alone together, I was my silly self – making small talk as one does, except I am a total dork…

The day after, I found him on LinkedIn and we connected there.

Maybe that’s why Brent is so attracted to me…

Inadvertently, I charmed his pants off.
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Making Up


Monday evening TC and I finally talked.

I didn’t want to go any longer without talking because every day that went by was making me panic more and more.

Also, there is the fact that I am supposed to be visiting him next Friday. That was freaking me out most of all.

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Last Thursday Morning…

Last Thursday Morning…

… I was missing Loverman so much I had to write a post about it.

But, even after that, it was hard for me to focus and I kept getting upset for no reason. So, I decided to be vulnerable and just call him and tell him.

The phone call was short and sweet.

“Hi, baby. This might sound really silly, but I had to call and tell you that I am suffering from ‘Loverman’ Withdrawal really bad this morning.”

I could hear him smiling over the phone and he asked what I meant.

After I explained it to him, he responded, “Silly, Mama. You know I am always with you.”