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Alcoholism Haiku

It’s been a long while, but I wrote a haiku:

Alcoholism is tough

So easy to find

So very many triggers

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The Love of a Musician

You play my body like a harp

Plucking my consonant heartstrings

Strumming my musical pleasures

A cadence of body beats

Our moans a choral symphony

Harmonizing in melodious union

The gentle tintinnabulation of your fingers

Caressing me to a crescendo

Diminishing to a lullaby

Words inspired by:
The Love of a Musician
by Ivan Koulakov


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“Drink Me”


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The Far-ness of You

An Empty Coffee Cup Is Like A Broken Heart Both Are Waiting To be Filled Again

I’m cold

and I want to be warm

I’m empty

but I wish to be full

I’m lusty

with a need to be sated

Where have you gone?
Why have you left me?

Like dusk has fallen
Never to be retraced
I wait for a sun
Reluctantly replaced

Time erodes away from me
Oozing past as toxic waste
Again and again of you
I yearn to be graced

In vain, by your lovely presence
Your love for me has been displaced
Your nearness to me
No longer can I embrace

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Two Halves of One Whole by Lesya7 on DeviantArt

Two Halves of One Whole
by Lesya7 on DeviantArt

Our bodies writhe

Connected to each other

Like a mind-meld

As we linger within

Our minds converge

So much so

That when you pull away

It feels as if I am losing a part of my self

And the longer we remain apart

I feel the distance growing


Until our bodies and minds

Can become one

Once again

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Heart-Shaped Poetry

Once again the lovely Dating Divas have given me a cute little idea for Valentine’s Day. It’s actually perfect, because I wanted to give him the last poem I wrote, but I couldn’t figure out how to format it.

Love poem in an instant

Click on the picture to create some poetic art for your honey

Happy Friday!


My Dream Home

Someday I’d like to have a home
That’s full of pretty things
Like baby dolls and princess crowns
And boys with baseball swings

A giant playset in the yard
With picnic tables, too
Someplace with so much love around
It’s hard to say, “Adieu”

All people would be welcome there
Young, old, or rich or poor
All that’s asked is, when you come
Leave anger at the door

(inspired by today’s Daily Prompt: Dream Home)



Unwelcome thoughts

frantically becoming




I woke up with you today
When I rolled out of bed
You were my sunrise

I bathed with you today
When I was clean
You were my towel

I dressed with you today
When I was exposed
You were my clothes

I ate with you today
When I was hungry
You were my food

I worked with you today
When I was speechless
You were my words

I slept with you today
When I closed my eyes
You were my dreams

I dreamt of you today…


Tiny Stolen Moments

Shade Tree


How your body consummately beckons to mine with a simple, quiet gaze

The way my heart skips a beat as you wander through my mind


The smell of you as it completely envelops my mind’s eye

Your voice just another enchantment of distraction


Your tiny kisses creeping from the small of my back to the base of my neck

Laughter in your eyes as you said “That’s why I love you, Babe!”


The overwhelming passion you feel as you nuzzle my inner thigh

Your trust in me as you lay your head in my lap to fall asleep


That you were forever with me to share these as unrationed pleasures

Instead of tiny stolen moments