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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside (Breaking Out)

My awesomest Kitty at Christmas-time when he was helping me wrap the gifts. Isn’t he just precious!?

Kitty Breaking Out

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Twin Benches in Winter

Twin Benches in Winter


Have You Ever Wondered About the Bee?


Inspired by today’s Daily Prompt: Stranded
Beeby nicobou

by nicobou

Have you ever wondered what the bee is thinking?

You know, the bee that sneaks into your car when you open the door?

Or when you leave the window cracked?

You know the one.

Buzzing around inside while you’re driving.

There it is, in your rearview mirror, flittering around in the back window.

Wingbeats getting louder and crazier when the bee realizes there’s no escape.

Its little body banging up against the glass.

Bzzzz! Bzzzz! Bzzzz!

Knocking at every corner of that window.

Moving forward to try other windows.

Buzzing its furry, little body along all of the cracks.

Tossing its torso uselessly against each crack over and over again.

And then, the bee finally escapes

Through a window that you opened out of sheer pity (and consummate terror!)

Stranded in a strange new land…


Through the Window (YUCK!)

ps-crane-hookI  gaze out my office window for just a minute to see two portable urinals floating high above the 4th floor of our office’s new partially-completed parking structure. Ewww! YUCK!

This is something that I never thought I would wonder about…

Is that how they do that? Does that mean that there were two port-a-johns “airlifted” OFF of the garage before and I missed that part?! How often do the potties get “changed”? Why haven’t I noticed this before?Help!

I didn’t even know that’s how those things are transported! What happens if they tip? What if one of them is too full? What if there’s still someone inside?

          “Heads up!!!”

I knew they were up there, I just never wondered how they got there…

Now I kind of wish that I didn’t know. You know? 😉


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Beyond the Sky

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The Flavor of Enchantment

Daiquiri Ice

When it comes to choosing a flavor of ice cream at Baskin-Robbins, I am definitely a “something else entirely” kinda girl (but at home, it’s mostly always chocolate 😉 )

When I was little, there were two places that I remember going to on a regular basis: Pizza Hut and Baskin-Robbins. We went to Pizza Hut almost every Friday night in the winters (in MN those winters lasted about 7 months) and, in the summer (all 3 months of the sweltering humid-heavy-oppressive summer) we would go to Baskin-Robbins on Saturday afternoons.

I remember the first time I discovered that Daiquiri Ice was one of the fantastic 32 flavors at Baskin-Robbins. I was seven, and definitely old enough to know that a daiquiri was a “grown-up” drink. That’s why I just had to try it! The entire time we were waiting in line I was thinking, “My parents are never going to let me order that. That’s a ‘grown-up‘ flavor.” When I was ordering, I felt like such a rebel choosing a flavor whose name was an alcoholic drink. I glanced back at my father, knowing that he was going to tell me to “Pick another flavor. That one is not appropriate for little girls.” When he didn’t say anything, I turned over to see what my mother had to say. Likewise, she was completely un-phased by my selection. Strange… But, ♫AWESOME♫!

I watched with hopeful eyes (and watering mouth) as the server placed my scoops of pale green bliss on that sugar cone of divinity… And, when we sat down to enjoy our afternoon delicacies, I remember that it was as yummy as I had hoped! Every last bite of it was like a tropical paradise in my mouth. And every single time after that still felt like I was having my own personal taste of ambrosia.

Eventually we moved to a different state (far away), where they didn’t have any Baskin-Robbins. After a while I forgot all about our Saturday ice cream adventures and my brief glimpse at the flavor of enchantment.


What’s strange is that I don’t even like Sherbet. I will always choose something chocolate when we were (and are) ANYWHERE else. But, for some reason, this one flavor called out to me every single time we went to Baskin-Robbins. Maybe it was the artificial rum flavor or maybe it was just the thought of doing something that I felt was a little bit naughty. Maybe I should go back there again (I can’t even remember the last time I was there)  and try my  favorite flavor again to see. I wonder…


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