On: Being a Good Little Slut

On: Being a Good Little Slut

I may or may not have misbehaved this past weekend… 😉

Good morning

Good morning, Sunshine! Happy Saturday 😀

What are you up to?

Running errands and going to the eye doctor.

What’s wrong with your eyes?

I get new glasses. Woo hoo!

Oh, new glasses. Nice.
I was gonna see if you could come over for a quickie. lol

Darnit! I’m all the way across town.

Well, give me a shout on your way back. If I’m not working, you can stop by for a few.

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Taking Pictures

Taking Pictures

A few months ago Loverman did something fun and very unexpected.

He took pictures and a short video of us during a quickie!

There wasn’t anything cinematic or complicated about it, and there were only a few. He was simply overtaken by the moment (his phone was right there on the table) and wanted to show me how I look from his point of view; so I could see how he sees me and that I am sexy!


They were steamy hot!!

And one of the biggest compliments anyone has ever given me in my whole entire life.

We looked at the pictures together and watched the short video several times (1 minute — but don’t worry, it actually lasted a LOT longer than that 😉 ). I learned that I am a LOT louder than I ever imagined and that my butt looks just like a heart turned upside down (from that angle anyway)!

Once we were done watching, he deleted everything… While we sat there together… So I could see they were gone… And, for some reason, that is the part that reaches deepest into my heart and holds on hardest. It made the moment completely ours and ours alone. Even telling you about it here can’t change that.

There is still a part of me (a BIG part!) that wishes he hadn’t erased them…

… and I have told him how much I think about “that time you took the pictures”…