Smitten with Him

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Other People’s Stories

I am sick of people being so self-absorbed that they can’t see others’ stories

Maybe it’s bothering me because I’ve been getting caught up in my own story and forget about the others – so I am trying to dispel my guilt

But probably it’s bothering me because…


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Trying Something New

So, I have mentioned a couple of times here that I am trying to build my own Network Marketing business

I even wrote a post asking my readers to check it out and let me know what they think of it

A few actually did

Now I am here again asking for your support in my new-ish endeavor

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I Quit!

All I ever do is quit.

When I get frustrated, I quit.

When the choices get too hard, I quit.

Quitting is my go-to.

I run away from relationships, friendships, even strangers.

But I guess it’s not always bad.

I quit smoking

I quit drinking soda

I quit my “almost relationship”


I still need to quit my drinking

My procrastinating

My self-loathing

Living in the past, fearing change, trying to please everyone, overthinking…

And probably a million other things…


Wednesday’s Daily Prompt: Quit


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Fear of Feelings


After my post last week, Sex Is Brainier for Women, I’ve been thinking about oxytocin and how women have 10X more of it released into the body after sex than men. That’s huge (and pretty unfair, if you ask me)!!

Which led me to thoughts about testosterone and the male sex drive. Hmmm…

Maybe I have too much testosterone and that’s what drives me to conquer, conquer, conquer… But I also have all that oxytocin releasing inside me 😉 so I crave the bond that an ongoing intimate relationship creates.

Then I started thinking about how I don’t like to get attached to these guys with whom I am having sex because I “know” it isn’t going to last.

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