Smitten with Him

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Is “I Need To Talk” Synonymous with “I Want to Break Up”?

Because if it is, I wish someone would have told me…



That was Wednesday night.

Thursday I waited to hear back from him.


Friday afternoon he called to check in on me but he said nothing about my middle-of-the-night comment.

Did I scare him? Didn’t he think I meant it? Did he blow me off?

Should I tell him again or do I just let it go?

Maybe I won’t need to talk to him after all.

Maybe he thinks he already knows what I want(ed) to say…



It’s not you, it’s me

It is *definitely* not you
It definitely *is* me
I am too needy

You weren’t the one who didn’t make himself clear

*I* was

It is so very important to me that you keep your word

Crucial, actually

Once the trust is broken
It’s broken
How can I know now?
What you mean and what you don’t?

My heart is guarded from you
Tender from your random radio silence
Convinced that you will do it again

And again

And again

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Oops! I did it again…

It turns out I like this being-passive-aggressive-thing when dealing with Loserman

Loserman did NOT work on my truck, Bear, last weekend like he promised (but he did manage to move it to the other side of the parking lot – something he’s also supposed to be doing).

So, I called him Monday morning while I was driving to work.

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