Conversations with a Catfish: Fight for You

Conversations with a Catfish: Fight for You



I don’t want you to ever feel trapped or that there’s no way out. I don’t want you to feel like I’m making you stay in a situation. I want you to see that you have someone who’s willing to fight for you because I know, one day you may do the same.

But, if not, you will know that in the world you have someone who was always willing to fight for you.

I’m here and I’m going nowhere. I will just wait to maybe hear back from you, buttercup.





I have to confess that I am terribly hurt by TC’s response to my email. I spent all day Tuesday thinking about how I wanted explain my feelings to him. I didn’t want to be hurtful, just honest. Admittedly, my note originally started off as a bulleted list, but ultimately I decided THAT WOULD BE TOO FUCKING BITCHY.

Regardless, here is TC’s very simple and brief reply. Nothing less and nothing more than a bulleted fucking list


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