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I am so thankful for my wonderful friends!

As soon as he heard that my Lil Bear was stolen, my skate buddy “B” fixed up his car for me to drive to Dallas for our skate party.

Another skate friend offered to take my other car, Breezy, for the weekend so I wouldn’t have to worry about it getting taken or tampered with.

And Mr. Nice Guy said that he would stop by and look in on our lovely Kitty one of the days we were gone.

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St. Louis Sk8venture 2016

We had a magnificent time!! There aren’t many skating pictures because I took a lot of video (which, at the time, I did not realize).

Also, there weren’t as many people at the sk8 party as I had anticipated, and most of everyone was local to the area (Illinois, Kansas, Ohio – 2 very sexy brothers from Alabama!). It turns out there were only 150 people there each night. It was a tad bit disappointing, but I saw some of my sk8 family and added a couple to it.

On our drive back, we stopped Sunday night in Kansas City and I skated at Winnwood for their adult night. More people were there than at St. Louis’s actual inter-state sk8 party!

On our way to Sedalia Friday morning to get some coffee! It was a gorgeous morning drive after sleeping at a rest stop in the car Thursday night.

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Sk8-Venture: Day 3 (The Trip Home)

Winnwood Skate Center Kansas City, MO

Winnwood Skate Center
Kansas City, MO

The skating floor there was awesome! And immense!! Imagine that floor with 400+ people on and around it.

Even though Friday night was kind of hella-shitty, I was glad we stayed and started our Saturday fresh like a brand new day. The day went well and the skating session that night was awesome! The session went until 5AM, but I could only make it to 3:30. Loverman could probably have lasted until the end (I probably wouldn’t have let him based on his “episode” Friday night), but my feet hurt!

I liked the DJ Saturday night better than the one Friday because he actually played songs I had heard before. I knew that there would be a lot of music I didn’t know, but I had no idea there were so many actual skate songs I had never heard before.

When we got back to our room, we showered together and I opened up our bottle of wine and poured our glasses while we watched ESPN News. Loverman hasn’t had much of a chance to watch football this season and Thing #1 and I have been all over it! It was nice to watch the next day’s picks and talk about the injured players with him, and he was enjoying the chance to get caught up. We found out that the Broncos coach John Fox was going to be out several weeks for heart surgery and talked about that, too. Loverman said that it won’t hurt the team because Peyton is such a good quarterback, but I disagreed because the Broncos are playing the Chiefs soon and Peyton might get hurt that game… It was a great talk.

The wine, hot relaxing shower and skating had taken their toll and I could feel my eyes fluttering shut. So, I crawled under the covers next to Loverman and we were asleep by 5AM.

country-sunshine-bedWe woke up at 10:15, just in time for a morning quickie ­čśë and a relatively huge continental breakfast. I wish there was more fruit, but it was good to fill up. We filled up our plates a second time right before they started taking things away. I don’t think either of us realized how hungry we were until just then.

There was a gas station across the street and Loverman had determined that it had the cheapest gas on our route, so we filled up and were headed back to Colorado.

On our drive Friday afternoon I saw an Adult Superstore at one of the exits and made a joke that I wanted to stop and check it out on the way home. Loverman forgot about that comment until I saw the signs on the side of the road and I started telling him again that I wanted to go there and see what was so “super” about it.

Eventually he conceded and we stopped in to check it out. It was just like any other sex store that I have been into — there didn’t seem to be anything “super” about it. It was very clean and well-lit… However, I did find out that Loverman had never been in an adult toy store before and we had a bit of fun with that. He had to ask me what a couple of things were, but I had to ask him about a couple of things, too ­čÖé

I would say that was a fruitful adventure because Loverman helped me find the wrapping paper for his Christmas present (me!) and we both got to learn a few new kinky things about each other. I think there were a couple of times where I scared the crap out of him ­čśë

The rest of the drive home happened without incident. We stopped to get gas a few more times. Ultimately, we spent about $50 less on gas than I had figured. When we were about 4 hours away from Denver, Loverman opened up my computer and started saving the few skate videos he had taken. Then, just to make sure, he checked his on-line work schedule. Even though he had requested the night off, he was scheduled to work at 2AM!! But, only until 6AM. How messed up was that?!?!

He asked if I was doing okay driving for a while longer while he took a quick nap and made me PROMISE that I would wake him up if I needed him to take over (he knew I was getting tired, too. We didn’t sleep very much over the weekend, he slept the most, and it was now about 8PM and dark like bed-time. I was starting to feel like nodding off). I promised, and about an hour later I had to ask Loverman to take over the rest of the way.

We both had forgotten about the time change crossing back over into Colorado, so when we drove into town at midnight it was really 11PM. That meant that Loverman had time to stop at home to drop off his things and pick up a fresh uniform for work – he didn’t pack one because he asked for the night off…

Once he had a chance to take care of those errands, he dropped me off at home. We unpacked the rest of our stuff there and loaded our skates back into Bear (my truck). He gave me another nuzzle and said “Kick the kids for me. Not now, but in the morning when they wake up.” It was gently snowing and I asked him to text me when he got to work safe — EVEN THOUGH it would be late and I would probably be sleeping, it would help me get back to sleep easier knowing he was safe.

He did and I responded with a message that, when I read it the next morning, made very little sense… But he was safe and I was peacefully asleep.

Our sk8-venture weekend ended very well…


Sk8-venture Prep, Movies and Football

Two more weeks from today Loverman and I will be on the road to Kansas City for my very first (but hopefully not last) Sk8-venture ever!!

I am SO excited!! I’ve been a total skate freak trying to get my body ready for two fun-filled nights of 4-6 hours of skating. I feel like I’m getting ready for a “skate marathon”. For the last few weeks I have been skating 3 days a week trying to get ready (tonight I have to do a big, long yoga session, I am starting to feel a bit tight — gotta work that out…). A normal skate week for me is usually 2 days — Wednesdays and Saturdays. But, lately I have added Thursdays into the mix. There are 5 different Adult Night skate sessions all around Denver (and two more in Colorado Springs and one in Fort Collins) and I would skate every single one of them every single week if I was independently wealthy (and had a car that got better gas mileage ­čśë ).

However, tonight will be a night off from skating. Mr. Doom-n-Gloom and Thing #2 will be at MileHi Con 45 (sci-fi convention) all weekend (YAY!!!!). Thing #1 and I will be revelling in the solitude. Tonight will be movie night (and my bedtime yoga), tomorrow is chores ­čśŽ with some more yoga and even more skating, and then Sunday is FOOTBALL!!! We are looking forward to this Broncos vs. Colts match-up — it will be interesting to see how Peyton plays against his old team. Either way, though, GO BRONCOS!!!

I hope you all have a happy Friday and a totally lovely weekend (let’s all watch the Broncos stomp the Colts!)!

And, if you get a chance:


Summer Roller Jam Party Barcelona 2013

Summer Roller Jam Party Barcelona 2013