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My Daughter is so Mean

Thing #2 was so mean to me last night.Girl Yelling Close Up

She told me that every time I say “I love you” to her, she only hears “I hate you”

She told me that I don’t care about her or anything about her

She told me that I never wanted her and that I regret having her as my child

She called me a fucking idiot

She told me that she wants to kill herself

That she thinks about running away every single day

I told her that if she hates it so bad, she is free to leave

She told me that I am a horrible mother over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over

I told her she was a liar for all the times she said that she loved me and that she was thankful I am her mother

Angry MotherThe fight went on for at least an hour

I took away her computer

Now she is mad because she can’t do her homework

She has to work on the desktop computer in her father’s bedroom

I took away her phone

Of course, now she is mad she can’t call her boyfriend

I almost told her she couldn’t even see her boyfriend until she got a better attitude

This morning she asked me if I would give her a ride or if I wanted her to walk to school

I told her that I was still very upset with her (and I held my trembling hand out for her to see)

I asked if a horrible, idiot mother who didn’t care about her daughter would bring her to school

She decided to walk

All of this happened because I asked her to clean up her dirty dishes from my room last night


Husband Swap

Lonely Womanby Villemo666H

Lonely Woman
by Villemo666H

I don’t talk about Loverman’s wife (aka Diva) here very much. Just the occasional jealous post, etc… I have never met her, I have never seen her, I have never even been to their house, but I know where it is. Loverman is trying to protect me, but both his wife and step-son know about me — in the same way that my family knows about him.

You know how yesterday I wrote that things are changing? Lately I can see that his marriage has been changing, too. And not in the good way.

His step-son, “C”, missed 48 days of school before winter break this year — if you put all the days together, that’s over 9 school weeks missed out of 15! Loverman had been keeping track of the missed days and started thinking about the consequences for C if he didn’t start going to school. One day he went into the office to see how bad it really was and the Assistant Principal said that if C comes to school every single day for the rest of the year and completes all his homework assignments and shows that he’s making and effort to learn he MIGHT get to move on to the next grade next fall. OMG!! When Loverman brought it up with Diva, she said “That’s my son and I am a grown woman. I know exactly what’s going on with him and I am taking care of it.” Loverman was really pissed that she was taking her son’s education so lightly and, now, has taken the responsibility onto himself to make sure that his step-son C gets a reasonable education. But, the poor boy’s mother doesn’t seem to give a flying you-know-what!

I find that entire situation strange on her part because Diva spent a large part of the summer last year trying to find a good school for C to attend — one that had a good reputation, etc…

She is going out more regularly with her friends to bars (Loverman says that her friends are cross-dressing men that like to go to the gay clubs… I don’t know if that relevant or not, just throwing it out there…). She always liked the club scene, but when they first got married she stopped for a while. When he mentioned that she hasn’t been checking in with them (Loverman and C) when she leaves and gets home, she retorted “I am a grown woman. I don’t need a man telling me what to do.” (That’s what he told me, but I have no reason not to believe him. He’s a truthful man.)

The past three months she has gotten three speeding tickets in the mail and she just got her driver’s license back last spring from it being suspended. In the 7 years that they have been married she has not told him why her license was suspended, just when she would be allowed to get it back.

She crashed into a highway sign on the off-ramp by her house, but she wasn’t caught. The only reason we know is because of the green paint scuffs under the front bumper, the skid marks in front of the sign and the damage to the sign itself. Loverman says he thinks she’s driving home drunk when she leaves the clubs… Two of those speeding tickets were from late at night.

Sometimes I fantasize about trading spouses. You know, like Wife Swap, only husbands and permanent! I’ve joked about it with Loverman before. It’s just that now I think he might be starting to think the same thing…

Husband Swap