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Monday Motivation: Promises

If you make them

Keep them


Last week, Scorpio was supposed to call me before Wednesday night to confirm our date.

He didn’t.

I wasn’t surprised or angry, but I was disappointed.

He promised he wouldn’t forget.

And, technically, he didn’t. He called me while I was driving home from work Wednesday night and asked, “Are we still on for tonight?”

I expected this actually, so my response was easy, “I was waiting to hear back from you and when you didn’t confirm, I didn’t know if I should plan anything for us.”

He thought about it for a second and then replied, “Oh, yeah. You’re totally right. I’m really sorry I forgot.”

“It’s okay,” and then I said, playfully, “It’s your loss.”

“I know, huh,” he acknowledged. “Where are you right now?”

“I’m on my way home from work,” then I told him my actual location in traffic. “Where are you right now?” I asked.

“Downtown,” then he told me the cross-streets, “I just got off work and I thought, if we were going to do something tonight, maybe you could pick me up. But, since I forgot to confirm with you, I’ll just take the bus.”

I had an idea. “Well, I’m in a good place to come pick you up and give you a ride home? That way I could see you tonight anyway. Even if it’s just for a little while. Does that sound like something you could go for?”

“That would be really awesome!”

“Okay. It will take me like 30 minutes to get there, okay?”

“Okay, beautiful. Thank you!”

We discussed exactly where he was and where we would meet. He explained to me that his phone was dying and our call might get disconnected.

It didn’t then, but it did die before I tried to call him back later.

When he wasn’t where we had agreed he would wait.

Big fucking surprise, right?

Finally, as I’m putting money in the meter, he wanders out of the building where he was working, “Hey, babe. Have you been waiting long?”

“Yeah. About 15 minutes. I’ve been wandering around looking for you.”

“Sorry about that,” he said. “I was upstairs talking to the security guard and I didn’t see you pull up.”

“Okay, cool. I’m glad you’re still here and didn’t leave.” (I was only like 10% mad at this point – mildly irritated, I guess. Or incensed.)

(But, Seriously! OMFG!! He knew I was coming, and that his phone was dying, and he didn’t wait in the lobby by the windows like we had planned. Sound like Loserman a little? *sigh*))

We hugged and he put his stuff in the back seat then asked if we could walk down to 7-11, he wanted to pick up a Black & Mild.

“Sure, no problem,” I said. Because it wasn’t. There was money in the meter and it was a nice evening. He put his arm out and we strolled arm-in-arm one block to the 7-11.

After all that was over and we were on the road, Scorpio said, “Okay. I know you’re going to laugh at me because I keep asking this, but what day are we leaving on that skate trip?”

He was right. I did laugh. I laughed because I have told him every single time that I have seen him for the last two months that it’s over Valentine’s weekend – we’ll be leaving really early on the morning of Friday the 13th. I even printed out the flyers for it and gave them to him!

After I was done with my giggle-fit, I explained it to him all over again. Then I looked him straight in the eyes and asked, “Are you still going to go on this trip with me?”

“Of course I am,” He replied.

I asked again, “Are you sure? If you cancelled at the last minute it would totally suck.”

“Yeah, babe. I’m still planning on going with you,” he reassured me.

(He sure doesn’t seem very excited about it. Don’t other people get excited about going on vacation?! Or is it just me?!?!?!)

We talked some more about what time we need to leave on Friday morning, what time the Friday night rooftop party starts, what we were going to wear…

I asked him if he would be able to help me check out the car (Breezy) on Sunday afternoon (yesterday) to make sure he was ready for the long drive.

He said that he thought he would be able to because he would already be working on a friend’s car Sunday, too.

But he would get back to me Saturday night for sure.

He promised.

I said, “Don’t forget about me this time,” then I winked at him and leaned in for a kiss.

He returned my kiss and reassured me, “I won’t forget this time. I promise. Cross my heart.”

“Okay,” I was satisfied. We talked a little more, he went into his house and I returned home.


He forgot about me Saturday night.


Nope. Not any more. It seems I am very forgettable!


Sunday I did the oil change and checked fluids on Breezy with Thing #1.

Here’s what *I* have to say about promises today:






Giving Head

I enjoy sucking cock. Given that it is clean and well-trimmed, etc… (irrelevantly, Loserman’s was practically perfect).

Mr. X’s is quite lovely. I would like to have sucked it and kissed it and worshipped it all night long if he would let me.

But Mr. X is the first man who told me that I don’t do it ‘right’ (I haven’t sucked that many dicks, though…)

This is a really big deal to me because it is something I actually enjoy doing. (Hence the reason I am still obsessing about this weeks later.) I have read about it and watched videos and practiced…

I like to be slow and methodical… I use my hands and my mouth… I suck his balls and fondle pretty much everything…

I have dentures so, when my teeth are in, I’m afraid that I will hurt a man.

Plus, everything I have read/heard says “NO BITING!”

Then I watched a NSFW video that Mr. X sent me. It is a ‘training video’ on how to give a perfect blow job.

OMG! I can’t do that!!! Maybe a couple of those things…

I guess if Mr. X was expecting that, he should have been disappointed with me… *shrug*

But it makes me wonder: was I ever even good, or were they just waiting for me to get it over with?

I kind of wish I could ask Loserman. I was never able to make him cum with my mouth. Is it because I wasn’t doing it ‘right’?


It’s incredible how one small, relatively insignificant, criticism can cause me so much self-doubt.


Monday Motivation: Strip Chess

Me = Blue
Scorpio = Red



The next day…




My First Night with Scorpio


Scorpio took me out to a lovely dinner for out first ‘date’. Afterwards, we returned to ‘his place’ for an evening in (I don’t think he expected it to go as far as it did. Actually, I think I surprised the hell out of him all night long!).

At first it was awkward because his entire family was still up and, until that moment, I was not aware that he was living at his brother’s house with his two brothers, a niece and a nephew.

When I first walked in I met his niece. She was a total sweetheart. We chatted while I was sitting on the couch waiting for Scorpio to use the restroom and get us some water.

After he returned, he led me down to the basement because his niece and nephew (both teenagers) were going to bed and that’s where the ‘grown-ups’ hang out later at night. There I met his older brother, his brother’s girlfriend and a neighbor.

Truthfully, I was a little overwhelmed. I didn’t expect that I would be meeting his entire family that night and Scorpio had already told me he’s quite a ladies man. I really didn’t know what they were thinking – but they were all very nice to me 🙂

We sat down across from each other at the table to play a game of chess. Everyone else was sitting on the couches watching TV and smoking pot and/or drinking beer.


There was a grow room off through one of the doorways and the basement smelled of growing marijuana plants. Mmmmm… My kind of basement…

Once we were done setting up our pieces, his brother came over and offered us a hit off the pipe as Scorpio poured me a shot of Vodka extra smooth (it was a little like drinking the flames of hell. Yeah. Smoooooooooooooth! *cough*cough* but the smoke was nice).

We all talked while Scorpio and I played our game of chess.

He won.

Not long after, everyone finally retired to their rooms (his brother’s girlfriend on the way out, made a comment about how she’d been trying to get the other guys to leave to give us some privacy. Then she winked at me).

We moved over to one of the couches and relaxed. I asked what he thought should be his reward for winning.

The poor guy! I guess he didn’t expect the question. Or to be rewarded for winning! He was completely speechless, looking at me like a deer caught in my headlights.

“I think *I* can probably figure something out,” I winked and leaned in to kiss his luxurious lips (something I had been enjoying all throughout the evening).

I made short work of unbuttoning and removing his pants, sat him back down on the couch, then wrapped my mouth around his dick and kissed and slurped and enjoyed the hell out of him for about 10 minutes.

“Stop!” he said. “I don’t want to cum in your mouth right away. I want to feel inside that wet pussy. Climb up here and get on top of me.”

Anxiously, I slid the condom down his dick with my lips. As soon as I felt him completely inside of me, I came. My body shuddered over him. When the tremors slowed and I started to catch my breath, he pressed his thumb against my clit and began gyrating his hips below mine.

I could feel every bit of him…

And then he came.

As he orgasmed, he bit me! Hard!! Leaving a teeth mark with a hickey on my inner left shoulder. I didn’t realize it until later, after he did it again. I went into the bathroom to get a washcloth and saw the two bite marks on my shoulder. One was up my neck enough that I was a little shocked! I would have to be careful what I wore for the next couple of days.

When I returned to clean Scorpio off, I pointed at the marks on my neck/shoulder and said, “You bit me and gave me a couple hickeys, dude!”

“I’m sorry,” He replied, “But I told you that I bite and suck.”

He did…

We laid naked on the couch together watching recorded television, having sex and kissing until almost 5 o’clock in the morning (and it was a work day! I still had to go home and get ready). No matter, it was so hard to tear myself away.

And it was the same for him. He was already making plans to see me again, to fix my car and to come with me on my February Sk8cation…

Two days later I told him that my shoulder was still sore where he bit me, but I liked it. It reminded me he was there and I could still feel his teeth pressing in to my flesh.


His firsts:

I am the oldest woman he has ever had sex with, dated, went out with, etc…

The first time he’s slept with (or dated) a white chick.

The first time he’s ever been deepthroated (this surprised the hell out of me! Period! He told me he was a ‘player’ and I didn’t doubt that).

The first time he’d ever played a game of chess with a date (and his prize was a blow job!).

Things we have in common:

He roller skates. (In fact, it is now confirmed that he will be joining me on my February Sk8cation in Phoenix!)

He works on cars.

He loves anime – the same shows as me (ex: Space Dandy).

He buys almost all of his clothing at the thrift shop.

He is fairly health-conscious. His idea of something filling is a nice, big salad or some sushi.

We are both trying this new self-confidence thing and it seems to be working out nicely for the both of us.

Things I like about him:

He plays chess.

He has a motorcycle.

He is extremely fit.

He isn’t Christian, but he is spiritual. His childhood was spent not celebrating Christmas.

There is a giant Buddha picture in his (brother’s) living room.

He smokes weed and likes drugs. I stay away from the ‘scary’ ones now, but I still like to have fun! (I can’t wait to trip with him. And he said he would be with me if I wanted to try Ecstasy.)

He listens to old school R&B and knows an amazing amount of jazz songs and musicians.

He doesn’t play an instrument but really, really wants to learn how to play the piano. (*I* have a piano and know how to play. At one point in my life, I wanted to be a music teacher.)

He had a speech impediment when he was a child and was in Special Ed for a lot of the time. You would never know that now; he speaks wonderfully.

General things that may, or may not, be bad:

He was a ‘bad kid’ during high school – dropped out of school at the end of 8th grade, joined a gang, etc… We really didn’t go deep into detail on that. I’m sure that, if we continue to see each other, I will learn more.

The drug thing… But we already talked about it and my issues. I am confident this will not be a problem for me.

He’s very, very clean! I tend to be a little lazy in this department. I could learn a lot from him.

He’s only 29… *sigh* I could teach him a lot??? A 14-year age difference makes me feel a little strange sometimes, but I really like him.

He’s single. Attachment??

He’s a player — but that could be a good thing. Maybe that means he won’t get attached because he has other women in his ‘line-up’.

Simply put, I am really really looking forward to spending more time with this man and getting to know him better…


An Interesting Development

A couple of weeks ago at Sunday night skating, I was talking to Sexy Skaterman about his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Amy, and mentioned that Loserman and I were no longer ‘seeing’ each other.

We talked about it for a couple of minutes, but I’m not ready to deal with the pain of talking about it, so I said my peace and we went on and skated.

I appreciate that he didn’t take the opportunity to hit on me. It was nice that he just apologized and said, “I don’t think you guys are done yet.” (‘you guys’ = me and Loserman)

But he did end up introducing me to one of his buddies.

Here’s how it went down:

I left the skate session 15 minutes early because the music started getting a little too mushy for me — couples were all skating sexy on the floor… I started to miss stupid Loserman my old skate partner, and I didn’t want to think about it, so I left.

When I got out to the car, I realized that I didn’t have my keys in my jacket pocket.

I started to freak out!


I could see the keys hanging from the ignition. *sigh*

My purse was in the trunk, but I had my cell phone in my pocket. Good thing I have AAA on speed dial…

I called and was told that someone would be out to help me in less than 60 minutes. I was satisfied with that.

While I waited, a few of my friends talked to me and said good-bye. You know, regular stuff.

The parking lot had mostly cleared out and there were only a dozen or so cars scattered around. Skaterman just happened to be parked two spaces away from me with only empty spots between us.

He came out of the rink while I was waiting for the locksmith to arrive, accompanied by a very handsome young man.

I didn’t think anything of it. Skaterman is very friendly and tons of people skate with him and talk with him. He teaches people skate moves. Sometimes he gives people rides.

While we were chatting, I explained what had happened and why I was just standing out in the parking lot waiting at my car. Skaterman laughed because, just that morning, he and his girlfriend had locked themselves out of their car!

After a good laugh about that, Skaterman introduced me to his handsome young friend “Scorpio“.

I had seen Scorpio the last few times I’d been this rink (not my ‘normal’ rink. I started skating somewhere else because I’m sick of everyone asking me where Loserman is). I thought he was totally cute, but very out of my league! That didn’t stop me, though! I would still smile at him when I skated past. That’s just the way I am: I can get a really intense look on my face when I’m skating, so I smile at people so they don’t think I am angry or whatever.

We stood and talked in the parking lot until AAA arrived. The AAA truck drove to someone else’s car, talked to someone else, and then left.


I immediately called AAA to tell them that the locksmith had shown up, but talked to someone else. The woman at AAA confirmed that my ticket had been closed.


After asking again for them to please help me get into my car, AAA called the locksmith again and asked him to call me and clear things up.

As this is all happening, I realize that this is the first impression Scorpio is getting of me. So, I tried to be my nicest self even though I was standing in the freezing cold: frustrated and shivering (and kind of wishing he would pull me into the giant leather coat he was wearing…).

The locksmith apologized and said he would be back shortly to unlock my car.

The second time we waited in Skaterman’s warmed-up car. We talked more about his girlfriend who broke her wrist skating the week before, and I got to know Scorpio a little better.

We didn’t talk about much else. Skaterman and I did most of the talking while Scorpio sat in the back seat and listened.

Every once in a while, he reached up as he was saying something and touched my shoulder. When he did that I would looked back at him and smile. It was nice and, every time he touched me, I could feel the electricity from him through my heavy winter jacket!

Finally the locksmith arrived a second time. It took him less than 3 minutes to unlock the door, get my information for his paperwork and be on his merry way!

As I said good-bye to him, Scorpio pulled me in close and hugged me tight. Holy Shit! Again with the electricity! Wow! My face was against his neck and took a huge amount of effort on my part not to kiss him right under his ear (that’s my spot – I love kissing there), but I did inhale as much of him as I could 😉 There was palpable energy between us. Before I could pull away from him completely, he started asking me for my number.

We exchanged information, then Skaterman gave me a hug and told me everything would be okay (re: Loserman).

Both of them asked me to send a text letting them know when I made it home safely.


The next morning, on my way to work, I got this:

Beautiful text. But, ummm… What??? ???


I read it to Thing #1 when I got home that night.

Her response was:

Wow, Mom! And you didn’t even have sex with him!


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Innocent Schoolteacher or Hot Librarian?

Image result for raining men

In the past 3 weeks, I have been propositioned by 4 men (*not* including Mr. X):

  1. A 56-year-old single Nigerian man with a Master’s Degree in communication. Originally I met him on Ashley Madison, but he has been emailing me on and off for the past couple of months. Talking with him is fun because he is so smart, and very open-minded to new things. He’s very religious, but he also believes that each of us needs to find our own spirituality. I am working out a name for him.
  2. A 44-year-old Cancer (I don’t do well with Cancers, so this is probably the first and last time you will hear about him) – also single. I met him a few weeks ago at skating. He has been aggressively pursuing me since then — especially since he saw me talking to (drum roll please…)
  3. … a 29-year-old sweetie with a totally hot bod — I wanna tear that up in so many ways!!! (I want to take him on my February Sk8-venture to Phoenix!!) He is definitely the one I am most interested in getting to know better. We have already spent quite a bit of time chatting and when he is next to me, I can feel the electricity between us. He already has my number 😉 and because of all that, he shall be dubbed ‘Scorpio’.
  4. Last but definitely not least is one of the men I work with. He’s 53 and wants to start a little somethin’ somethin’ on the side. This one has a girlfriend, but a “friends with benefits” thing with him might be nice…

That’s not even mentioning Sexy Skaterman who has been actively pursuing me since before I was dumped by Loserman.

What I find to be fascinating about all of this is:

all of these men are black

including Mr. X.

I can’t even get a white man to say “Hello” to me (Attorney-Man hasn’t said a peep since last contact), but black men are falling all over each other to talk to me and get my number.

What the fucking hell!?!?!?

I’m not fat, but I am curvy…

(*I* think I’m pretty! (sometimes 😉 )

I know there are white men out there who like curves!

But I am not complaining. Not at all! Every single one of the men I noted above is incredibly handsome and all of them take care of themselves (including Mr. X)!

Do black men have more self-confidence? Less to lose?

Maybe it’s something about my “look”… The Cancer told me that I have an innocent schoolteacher look about me; I’ve always thought that, but no one has ever said it to my face. He suggested that I ask the next man who hits on me if he thinks I look like an innocent schoolteacher or hot librarian.

I think I just might do that…

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