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Happy Friday!

I hope that your Friday is going better than mine is — and Thing #1‘s.Bear

My Truck, Bear, decided to act like a COMPLETE nut this morning and idle at 3,000 RPMs! I couldn’t settle him down at all and there was no way I was trying to drive in 45+ minutes in traffic with that going on. Oh, hell no!!! Tomorrow morning I will have to get up early before grocery shopping and try to clean out the spark plugs, wires and cylinders…

I am so lucky that Boss-Lady is so cool! Not everyone can call their boss up at 7:30 in the morning, trying not to cry, and ask for a ride to work. She doesn’t live too far away from me and we still ended up getting to work mostly on time — only 5 minutes late.

While I was riding in with Boss-Lady, Thing #1 called me and when I said, “Hello,” I could only hear her angry huffs on the other side in response. After a couple of seconds listening to her, I concluded she was mad at herself and said, “Speak to me, my child. What is wrong?”

“I left my shears on the couch in my bedroom and I had a haircut appointment this morning. They sent me home!”

Shitty! She rode the bus all the way to Beauty School this morning just to have to turn around and wait again to ride home. It’s a 30-minute ride and it was 5 degrees BELOW zero this morning — for both her trip to school and for her trip home! She texted me when she got home, “My toes hurt SO bad!” Now she’s stuck with Mr. Doom-n-Gloom for the rest of the day. Happy times for her…

Good luck to all of you with your days. Maybe this sweet, little video will help you to smile 🙂 It did me.

by Kate Nash


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