Smitten with Him

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A Flake of Tinder


This guy seemed decent. He seemed intelligent, honest, fun, active… His photos appeared to be current and, if they were of him, he was attractive.

I swiped the match on a Sunday evening. He was out of town, but responded within a reasonable time that he was driving back into Denver early Monday morning, could I contact him sometime later that day?

Sure. No problem.

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If At First You Think It’s a Form Letter…

A week ago I received this exciting message from a gentleman on FetLife (not Rock Star):
(please note that the days/times are not accurate on the screen pics… 😉 )


Part of me thought it was so smart and sweet, but the other part felt the actual content of the message was a little cold and flat.

It reads kinda like a form letter, don’t you think?

But it also shows respect to me, the recipient…

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Is “I Need To Talk” Synonymous with “I Want to Break Up”?

Because if it is, I wish someone would have told me…



That was Wednesday night.

Thursday I waited to hear back from him.


Friday afternoon he called to check in on me but he said nothing about my middle-of-the-night comment.

Did I scare him? Didn’t he think I meant it? Did he blow me off?

Should I tell him again or do I just let it go?

Maybe I won’t need to talk to him after all.

Maybe he thinks he already knows what I want(ed) to say…