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The Kisser: Kinky Talk


I like almost everything kinky… sex outside… spanking… some light humiliation… bondage when done correctly… and I would love to go to a sex club!

Really?! I’ve wanted to try Mon Chalet for a while now. I don’t know of any others…

Awesome cool! It’s kinda neat there. I’ve only been once and during the day.

Nice. Just kinda neat?

That was a mild understatement. I wish I could have seen more.

I want to hear more about the bondage and humiliation…

Like calling me a dirty slut, tying me to the bed while you eat me out… Force-feeding your cock to me…

I will seriously try just about anything with someone I trust and who treats me well.

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Your Dom Is Showing

So… I haven’t mentioned Mr. Nice Guy for quite some time. Probably because we’ve only been talking about vanilla things at work and haven’t spent any extra time together outside of that because we’ve been separately busy.

Also, he told me that he will no longer “get involved” with a co-worker. Good idea. Sometimes it works and people can be grown-ups when it ends, sometimes it doesn’t.

I get it. But it’s another reason we haven’t been spending as much time together.

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Teasing Scorpio

I was bored and horny last Friday evening, so I thought I would harass the hell out of Scorpio. (He’s staying with an aunt about two hours away. She recently had surgery and he’s staying with her to help out.)


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This Morning’s Wistful Text

I’m safe at work and made it on time! I just want to say that it’s SO hard to leave you after having such a wonderfur time. I’ll be daydreaming of you!

I hope you have a good day and that you have a smile or two with Coconut when you think of us ­čśë

You’re gonna get it!

Loverman and I haven’t been getting to spend as much time together as normal. We’re doing well, communicating and all… I just forgot how much harder it is to leave him in the morning if I don’t know when our next “flesh time” will be.

At least we still have skating!

I am always thinking about you babe!

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Good Night, Sexy

Coconut has phone

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A Weekend in Texts

This weekend (as most weekends) Loverman and I didn’t “talk” at all, but we communicated all we needed to say in our very brief texts with each other.

Saturday Night Text

I send something like that every Saturday night after Thing #1 and I get done skating. Normally, he texts me back. The one time that he didn’t, it was because he lost his phone and had no way to contact me.

He didn’t text me back this time either, so I set my alarm to wake me up early Sunday morning when I knew he would be off work.

Sunday Morning Texts

Sunday night I went roller skating by myself and it felt a lot little lonely. It was my first time going to this rink and, in the end, I was very proud of myself for going alone! It turns out that it was a good thing; I knew more people there than I expected to and I had a TON of fun!! But it made me really miss my skating partner, especially during the slow-n-sexy couples’ songs.

When I sent these messages last night, Loverman didn’t know yet that I had just been skating. I didn’t want to bother him with a long conversation while he was at work and I really didn’t want to send that many texts. But I told him all about my awesome time skating when we were having our Monday-morning catch-up…

Sunday Night Texts


Have a Good Night, Baby

Hey, sexy security man! I missed you skating tonight. Vanilla misses Coconut too! We’re home safe and I got a rock star parking spot! Have a good night. Huggs!!

You are so funny! You have a wonderful night sleep and Coconut and I will thinking about you all tonight. Mmm…! Stay warm!

Mmm…! You too, baby!

Thinking of you I will. Have a good night baby.

Good Night Kitten by remidar on DeviantArt

Good Night Kitten
by remidar on DeviantArt

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Sickness on Date Night is Still Something to be Thankful For

Tuesday night Loverman and I went up to the casinos in Blackhawk again for our date night. It’s wonderful because he gets free night coupons in the mail and he has food comps that we can use when we’re up there. He likes it because then he can also be a contributor even though he rarely has any money.

We had a few drinks at the bar, ordered some food from the deli and then went back to our room to eat it. Loverman was pretty sick coming down with a cold so I had brought some medicine along for him to take. He took that right after we ate then we both went to sleep.

Sleeping TogetherAll night he had a raging fever and I had the hardest time getting comfortable. At times I wanted to get out of the bed and go around to the other side, but I know how he likes to be with me when he feels like crap so I just stayed next to him and sweated it out. In the end I had to do a lot more than just throw a leg out from under the covers, nevertheless he stayed asleep through my tossing and turning.

The morning sex was lovely and extremely sweaty! He made sure that I had my “happy ending” but, because of his fever and being so sick, he couldn’t ­čśŽ I thought about being upset and, to be honest, for a minute I really was. I talked about it with him and he was very clear with me that it was okay, he just wasn’t feeling good and he just wanted to make sure he “gave me a little somethin’ somethin’ before we have to head back”.

The drive back Wednesday morning was great! It took 30 minutes less than normal and I actually made it to work on time after I dropped Loverman off! We even had time to stop at LaMar’s for donuts (for donuts almost as good as a multiple orgasm!).

After a busy day at work (because I am taking Friday/today off) Boss-Lady let us go home early. Awesomeness!!

When I got home, Mr. Doom-n-Gloom, Thing #2, her boyfriend and I, went to the store to get the last few things we needed for Thanksgiving dinner and then it was a peaceful night for all. Loverman had to work (which is unusual for Wednesday nights, we usually skate together that night) so I was going to bring Thing #1 with me on my skate night, but her knee was hurting too much. I ended up going by myself because, for sure, I was going to need the exercise to help me work off the Thanksgiving calories!

It was a fun night skating. Other people had the same ideas as I did, but it was still a pretty quiet night. I like those because it gives me space to practice (wish Loverman had been there with me, we’re trying to iron out a few things and it would have been a great night for it!).

I promised him that I would let him know how skating went and that I got home safe so, at 10:30, I sent him his good night text and we had a lovely conversation. One I will cherish for a long time, and it was so simple.

We’re all home safe. I had a good time skating, but it’s never the same without you! Thing #1’s knee hurt so she didn’t go. Have a good night and I hope you feel better! Kisses and huggs to keep you warm because it’s going to get colder tonight.

Thank you baby, for getting me better. I’m glad you had a nice time skating. I hope you kept some of the warmth from last night.

I did. I used some of it earlier, too. Thanks! I hope you saved some for you, too!

A little bit, and I will be thinking about you all night.

Ok, sexyness! I can’t wait to see you in my dreams!


Sexy Dream Dub
by Djog on deviantart

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He Missed Me!

In all of the time we have been together, Loverman has never been the first one to say “I miss you”. I have always been the one to say it first and then he says it back. Never once did I feel like he was just saying it to me because I said it to him… Well, last night he said it to me in a bedtime text; I didn’t even have to say it first!

Heart Divider

I made it to work safe and bowling was great. I kicked butt and won some money.
I missed you. Sorry if I woke you up. You will most likely see me tomorrow.

Yay for bowling! Seeing you would be lovely! And you didn’t wake me up, I was getting ready to go to sleep and dream of you. Have a good night, sexy security man.

You have a good night dreaming of me. I was just talking about us skating on Wednesday. Mmm…!

…and stuff!!! I like how we are together! And I really like dreaming about you, Loverman! Ooh la la…

You’re a good girl. I hope you have a great dream and I will see you tomorrow.

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Please Don’t Burst My Happy Bubble

Let’s try this again today because this morning started with some cute and sexy texts ­čÖé

Good morning, sweet Loverman. Mmm! We are safe at work. I’ll call you when I’m leaving here tonight (because we’re going roller skating!)

Thanks, Sweetness. Tell Vanilla she is going to get it! All night she had Coconut up and going!


She is not sorry. She is probably laughing in your underwear right now. You have a nice day, baby, and I will talk to you guys later.

Happy Thought Bubble

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