Morning Texts

Morning Texts

Nothing really happened, but this morning made me feel just wonderful.
Loverman works 3rd shift sometimes and last night was one of his nights. This morning I woke up thinking about him, so I thought I would send him a ♪ good morning ♪ message – if you catch my drift ;-). He never has to say much in response, but sometimes he picks just the right words that I want to hear… (also, it gets me going just to know it made him smile). This is how it went:

ME: Good morning, sexy security man! I wish you were here so I could show you how awesome I think you are. Mmmm…. Have a great day. Kisses and Stuff!

LM: I was with you. I was thinking of you.

ME: Awwww… You make me smile! 🙂

LM: I hope I make you something else, too! Hmmmm!!

ME: You know you do, silly man!! I’m off to the shower. Maybe you could meet me there…

LM: Ok

That’s all it took!
Of course, I went off and had myself a lovely shower this morning. Imagining him in there with me, hard and stiff pressed all up against my creamy, steamy inner thighs. Our bodies warm, wet and together. Bubbles all over our bodies as we clean each other off… Careful not to miss any of those sexy 2,000 parts…