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Hysterical Reaction

Three weeks ago my face swelled up from an allergic reaction (or something)

To what? I have no idea. As far as I know, I have no allergies.

So, after a weekend of terrible snowy weather and barely being able to see out of my eye holes, I went to urgent care first thing Monday morning. (looking like I had been in a terrible fight and gotten the shit kicked out of me!!)

The lovely Dr. there wouldn’t help me because the reaction was too severe and my blood test results wouldn’t come back for 2-3 days!!! (urgent care, my ass!)

So, it was off to the hospital with my sorry face…

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Sickness on Date Night is Still Something to be Thankful For

Tuesday night Loverman and I went up to the casinos in Blackhawk again for our date night. It’s wonderful because he gets free night coupons in the mail and he has food comps that we can use when we’re up there. He likes it because then he can also be a contributor even though he rarely has any money.

We had a few drinks at the bar, ordered some food from the deli and then went back to our room to eat it. Loverman was pretty sick coming down with a cold so I had brought some medicine along for him to take. He took that right after we ate then we both went to sleep.

Sleeping TogetherAll night he had a raging fever and I had the hardest time getting comfortable. At times I wanted to get out of the bed and go around to the other side, but I know how he likes to be with me when he feels like crap so I just stayed next to him and sweated it out. In the end I had to do a lot more than just throw a leg out from under the covers, nevertheless he stayed asleep through my tossing and turning.

The morning sex was lovely and extremely sweaty! He made sure that I had my “happy ending” but, because of his fever and being so sick, he couldn’t 😦 I thought about being upset and, to be honest, for a minute I really was. I talked about it with him and he was very clear with me that it was okay, he just wasn’t feeling good and he just wanted to make sure he “gave me a little somethin’ somethin’ before we have to head back”.

The drive back Wednesday morning was great! It took 30 minutes less than normal and I actually made it to work on time after I dropped Loverman off! We even had time to stop at LaMar’s for donuts (for donuts almost as good as a multiple orgasm!).

After a busy day at work (because I am taking Friday/today off) Boss-Lady let us go home early. Awesomeness!!

When I got home, Mr. Doom-n-Gloom, Thing #2, her boyfriend and I, went to the store to get the last few things we needed for Thanksgiving dinner and then it was a peaceful night for all. Loverman had to work (which is unusual for Wednesday nights, we usually skate together that night) so I was going to bring Thing #1 with me on my skate night, but her knee was hurting too much. I ended up going by myself because, for sure, I was going to need the exercise to help me work off the Thanksgiving calories!

It was a fun night skating. Other people had the same ideas as I did, but it was still a pretty quiet night. I like those because it gives me space to practice (wish Loverman had been there with me, we’re trying to iron out a few things and it would have been a great night for it!).

I promised him that I would let him know how skating went and that I got home safe so, at 10:30, I sent him his good night text and we had a lovely conversation. One I will cherish for a long time, and it was so simple.

We’re all home safe. I had a good time skating, but it’s never the same without you! Thing #1’s knee hurt so she didn’t go. Have a good night and I hope you feel better! Kisses and huggs to keep you warm because it’s going to get colder tonight.

Thank you baby, for getting me better. I’m glad you had a nice time skating. I hope you kept some of the warmth from last night.

I did. I used some of it earlier, too. Thanks! I hope you saved some for you, too!

A little bit, and I will be thinking about you all night.

Ok, sexyness! I can’t wait to see you in my dreams!


Sexy Dream Dub
by Djog on deviantart

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In Sickness…

EM_of_influenza_virusLast week both of my daughters stayed home sick from school and the husband was sick, too.

As of last Friday, I had not caught the bug yet, but I knew I would get it sooner than later. Not that I wanted to be sick and broken, but my apartment was swimming in germs and it’s nigh-impossible to sanitize everything. Not to mention that when the husband sneezes, gale force winds come shooting out of his lungs at such supersonic speed that it actually creates a sonic boom! And he does not have the common decency to cover his mouth. I am not exaggerating! I have heard his own father admonish him for it multiple times! In fact, when I ask him to cover his mouth he tells me that it hurts him! (I’m not asking him to hold it in, just to cover it up!)

So it happened… Saturday morning when I woke up I had a tickle in the back of my throat and some of those tell-tale sneezes. I knew it would be bad but I thought I could make it through my night with Loverman and be sick Sunday after I got home from our awesome night together.

As usual, I picked him up and we went to McDonald’s. Except this time we got the buy-a-McRib-meal-and-get-the-2nd-McRib-sandwich-free instead of our normal cheeseburgers. Then we checked into our lovely (Motel 6 — gotta love ’em) room and ate our bar-b-cue-y sandwiches and I rubbed out his kinky back until it was time to leave for skating. Of course the back rub involved that I undo his belt and then unbutton and unzip his pants (and lower them, just a little bit…) because I wanted to work out some of the lower back pain he was telling me he’d been having.


When it was time to leave, I kissed him on the back of the neck, stood up and started putting on my jacket so we could go to the rink. While I’m doing this, Loverman looks at me curiously and asks, “What are you doing?”

ME: Ummmm… I’m getting ready to go?

LM: Are you sure? (eyes twinkling madly)

ME: Yep, looks like I’m sure. (I love teasing him…)

He stood up and walked over to me, put his arms around my shoulders and slid my jacket off of me onto what would end up being the “later” bed 😉 then spun me around so my back was against his chest so I was facing the “now” bed. Skillfully from behind, his fingers unbuttoned, unzipped and lowered my pants (just enough…) and then he tossed me onto the bed, face first, and had his way with me!

I still mostly had my pants on; my legs practically touching. There wasn’t much room for his swollen shaft, but I was so wet. So ready… I heard him, “Mm mm mm,” as he deliberately slid his thickness inside me. It was exquisite! Feeling his hard cock enter me from behind while I laid below him… That was all I needed for immediate release. I could hear him, “Yeah, baby, are you gonna cum again all over that dick?” as he was slowly gliding his stiffness into and out of me, waiting for my body to tell him that I would have another orgasm. He always knows right before I cum and his body, pressed hotly up against mine, was eagerly ready to respond to my next tremor of ecstasy. But he held back as my body began to quiver and shake again. Again he slowed his rhythm, and he began kissing my earlobes and whispering sweet nothings into my ear. I could sense the eagerness within him seconds before he exploded inside of me! His release plunged deeply into me. I felt his body arch above mine as he buried his face in the side of my neck. It was only moments before his body relaxed and he slumped onto me. For a few moments we laid there reveling in the afterglow. Oh…. That was nice. Him laying on top of me like a blanket… Even with our clothes still on I could get used to that feeling of closeness.

We pulled up our pants. I sorted out my hair. And we both got our jackets on this time. While I was hopping my way out to the car, Loverman walked past me and said, “Wait till I show you what the ‘later’ bed is for.” He made this sexy grunt that he does when he wants me, then he winked at me and opened up my car door to let me in.


As you know from (if you read it) yesterday’s post, he had a lovely time skating and I enjoyed a little reunion with my buddies.

couple-sleeping-in-bedAfter he finished skating and everyone was done checking out my cool “owie”, we went back to our hotel room. I was completely beat. I guess he was too, because we both got each other undressed and climbed into bed. I curled up into a ball next to him and rested my head on his shoulder. As I was falling asleep I remember saying, “I really like sleeping with you, Baby” and his response, accompanied by a loving kiss on the forehead, was “I really like sleeping with you, too”.

But, it wasn’t long before I woke up again. Sick. Really sick. Coughing, nose running. I could feel that I had a temperature… The whole nine yards. I was up and down for the rest of the night — each time that I had to get out of bed, hoping that I wasn’t bothering my sexy Loverman.

Of course it was inevitable that I would wake him up, but when I did he was so sweet! He told me that I wasn’t bothering him and every time I crawled back into bed after that, he made sure that my body was exactly the right temperature. If I was laying there and I felt too warm, he would remove a cover. If it seemed like I was starting to get cold again, he covered me back up. I’m telling you, this man is totally awesome! I don’t know how I got so lucky! I even told him that a couple of times he was pampering me.

Because I was so restless, at about 7AM I decided to just get up and start doing my physical therapy. I could stretch and exercise my ankle in the chair and he could get some better sleep (well, about 30 minutes of it anyway 😉 ). I finished up and looked over at his naked back gloriously laid out on the bed, the thin white sheet just barely above his waist as if it was teasing me to look beneath it. I couldn’t resist his sexy peacefulness and returned to my place in the bed next to him.

I took a few strands of my long hair and, while he laid there in total serenity, I traced those few hairs up and down his back and arms just to see him squirm. He squirmed. I smiled. But he wasn’t awake yet. I knew that I could do this to him for quite a while without waking him up. He would just make pleasant sounds and shiver every now and again when I hit the exact right spot. After awakening all the flesh on his back (I could see the goosebumps! Oh, the power!!! This must be how he feels!) I whispered, “Roll over, sweetie.” He drowsily complied, but when he rolled over, that pesky sheet stayed right there, just barely in the way! Oh well, that will not be there for long, I thought.

Art AppreciationI proceeded to molest his chest the same way I had his back, but this time I got a reaction. Someone was waking up. Lucky me! I do so love to give him a good blow job! Especially in the morning! A man’s penis is like a work of art to me (if an ice cream cone was a work of art!) and I enjoy showing my lover how much I appreciate his art… Plus, I just recently picked up some tips on what I can do to better appreciate his art, and I was looking forward to seeing if he liked them.

Ohhhh…. He liked those new tips all right! Moaning and groaning all the way (go me!)! After a few skilled kisses on his tender frenulum, my tongue languidly drew a line down the length of his magnificent design. I lovingly massaged his rock hard dick with my right hand while I took each of his balls into my mouth to cradle them, one at a time. Acknowledging each of them and their glory, I could feel their skin tightening and loosening in my mouth. My left hand reached below and I began stroking his g-spot — something that I have severely neglected in the past because I didn’t know… My Loverman couldn’t keep quiet. I was so proud! I could tell he was holding back.

My Loverman is not a person to make much noise. When he does, it’s mostly just grunts. But what he does very well is talk dirty. I can’t do that (surprising, huh?), but what I can do is bring him to nigh-climax with everything except my pussy. Then slow down, start over, and do it all over again. However, I can only do that for so long before my body needs to feel him inside. And, with all of his moaning and squirming while I worshipped his artful cock, I definitely needed to feel him deep inside of me. I sat up with my back facing him and mounted him in the Reverse Cowgirl position and rode that horse for all it was worth!

This is my favorite position on top — especially when I’m sick (because, remember, he doesn’t like sharing sick germs, ewwww. So, NO KISSING! LOL!). He can penetrate me so deeply and I can control each thrust to make it deep, or tease the tip… He was back in his groove of dirty talk, “Baby, let me see you cum again,” smacking my ass more than ever before. He must have really enjoyed the art appreciation session earlier!

When he finally climaxed (and it was a big one!), I plopped myself down onto the bed next to him, completely satisfied, spent, sweaty and very, very thirsty! He dozed back off to sleep and the two of us cuddled together in post-coital bliss until it was time to take our shower and go home.


Sick ManI didn’t actually get to see what the “later” bed was for. But I’m not really disappointed about it.
And I think that I will probably get to find out soon enough 😉

Ultimately, Loverman got sick too. Not even 12 hours after I dropped him off Sunday… I feel a bit guilty because I know that I am the one who made him sick, but at least my messing around with him on Saturday wasn’t what did it… I had already shared my germiness with him last Thursday evening when I surprised him at bowling.

All day yesterday I thought about how much I wish I could have gone home to Loverman and make him some warm chicken soup and crawl into a nice warm bed with him and watch whatever movie on his little computer that he wanted to. As it was, I am sure he was fine being left alone… After all, he is sick!

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