Smitten with Him

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Conversations With a Catfish #2



Morning buttercup

Good morning

How is daddy’s special girl doing today??
By the way, daddy loves her voice and talking with her last night.

Thank you for saying so. It was nice talking with you, too. But I don’t think that I am able to commit to abstinence and being “all yours” yet like you want. I don’t want to jump into anything like that.

I’m not asking you to yet sweetheart

I must have misunderstood then. My apologies.

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Happy Friday!

Dedicated to a friend who recently lost his dear companion….
I heard this the other day and thought of him ❤


On: Being a Woman

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Monday Motivation: Discover Yourself



And Now for Something Completely Different

Thing #1 found this on Instagram and forwarded it to me…

Hot Dudes Reading

Looking through the pictures makes me smile, so I thought it would be a good thing to share.

Maybe it will make some of you smile, too.

(and perhaps have some naughty thoughts 😉 )

Here are a couple of my favorites ❤

"Not That Kind of Girl"

“Not That Kind of Girl”


I wonder what *he’s* reading…

"The Happiness Hypothesis"

“The Happiness Hypothesis”



I’m scared.

Scared of my feelings.

I like him so much.

Remember what happened the last time I fell so hard for someone…?

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7 Lovely Logics

7 Lovely Logics


Do You Miss Me?

Sometimes, when we don’t get to ‘reconnect’ for a while, do you ever miss me?

Yes, Mamacita, WE miss you.

I thought about what he said for only a second before I realized what he meant. I smiled at him and responded, “You always know the exact, right thing to say.”

And then I kissed him on the cheek, because he was driving.

Love this!


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Stop Crying Your Heart Out

Stop Crying Your Heart Out by 3squaredesign in Deviantart

Stop Crying Your Heart Out
by 3squaredesign


Fuck Regret!


I can’t go back and change what has already passed.

If it was a mistake, all I can do is learn from it and grow.

Regret by Hisgirlmaybe

I don’t think I’ve ever actually regretted something. Is that bad? Because I know I’ve made some bad choices, bad decisions. But I don’t think I can say that I actually and honestly regret any of them. Sure I wonder what my life would be like if I’d made a different choice or not did something but, I don’t know.
It’s weird I hear how people regret things all the time and part of me thinks I should too but I don’t think I do.
I don’t know what that means..