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I Quit!

All I ever do is quit.

When I get frustrated, I quit.

When the choices get too hard, I quit.

Quitting is my go-to.

I run away from relationships, friendships, even strangers.

But I guess it’s not always bad.

I quit smoking

I quit drinking soda

I quit my “almost relationship”


I still need to quit my drinking

My procrastinating

My self-loathing

Living in the past, fearing change, trying to please everyone, overthinking…

And probably a million other things…


Wednesday’s Daily Prompt: Quit


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Today’s the Day

I recently found the most wonderful blog — Level Up Health. Lucas is truly inspirational! I wish I had found it sooner, it might have helped me get through some of my self-pity a lot faster than I did. This post actually made me cry because I was so happy for him. I am truly sorry now for all the whining I did when I was broken: I knew nothing.

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Today is the day if I find out if I am completely healed. I will find out if I am ready to go back to roller skating with my sexy Loverman again; if I am able to go bounding down the stairs again; if I can run across the street when a car is coming; if I can jump; if I can resume the Tree Pose; if I can have my truck back… I am nervous. I am excited. Tears well up in my eyes when I think about the closeness of it (silly, I know…).

This will be the first appointment that I go to without Loverman. Mostly because we’re both pretty sure that the orthopedist is going to tell me good news (I feel like I am going to have to get a note in order for Loverman to believe it, though 😉 ). But, also because I am able to walk unassisted now. In fact, if you were watching me walk, you would never know that I broke my ankle at the end of November and that I now have a metal plate in it.

I am so very proud of my progress! I listened to the doctor. I took my vitamins. I completely quit smoking, to the point that I don’t even crave one any more. I didn’t gain as much weight as I thought I would. Time passed so fast that I can’t believe that it’s gone already. Amazing!!

And tonight I get my great reward for letting myself heal slowly and completely!!! I get to go away to a lovely mountain hotel and spend two nights (and two days!) in a suite with my most favorite man in the world! And I get to do that regardless of my diagnosis!