Smitten with Him

grown-up stuff happens here sometimes


Someone sent me a gift box last Friday.

Unfortunately I was off promoting Rollerbrights with my crew in Nebraska when it was delivered and I didn’t get it until yesterday (Monday).

I received a message from him while we were at dinner Friday night which surprised the hell out of me! He had asked a while back for an address where he could send me something he’d gotten for me, but it completely slipped my mind.

In my package there was gorgeous set of notepads, my (new) favorite movie and a pair of silver hoop earrings.

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It’s possible he won’t like that “Someone” is the name I chose for him…

We’ve been conversating through my blog for quite some time; it was right before my skate trip to Dallas when we exchanged numbers.

He came to my hotel one evening while I was there and we met in the lobby.

We chatted for an hour or so. I enjoyed his company, he was handsome, gentlemanly, very intelligent…

I actually wondered why he didn’t try to kiss me, but I figured it was meant to be a platonic friendship and that was totally alright with me!

Sex messes things up for me anyway, and my 21-year-old daughter was sleeping up in our room… There wasn’t much we could have done.

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“Who Knew?”

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Bitch On Fire

I hate being fake

Pretending to like someone


I’m scared to make her angry


I’m afraid to lose my job


There is no nice way

To tell her that she’s a bitch-on-fire


P.S. Crazy girl at work has to take a “Communication Skills for Women” class. Woo hoo!! Karmic retribution!!


Must Haves

Yesterday was meeting-centric at work.

There is one Wednesday every month where we have a sales meeting for 2 hours in the morning, then we have an hour break to check our email, eat and pee, etc… and then we’re back in a manager meeting for another hour.

I don’t look forward to those Wednesdays, but I don’t necessarily dread them either.

It’s the one day a month when our office has more testosterone than estrogen. Meetings with the sales men have been some of my favorite meetings and it just so happens that I fancy one of them. I always try to get a spot next to him…

Anyway, we currently only have one sales woman and she’s the boss (Boss-Lady).

She said something in yesterday’s morning meeting that made me think.

When someone wants me to help them buy a home, the very first thing I do is sit them down and make a list.

One side of the list will say “Must Have” and the other side of the list will say “Want to Have”.

I make a copy of that list and as we walk through each house, I check off the items on the list.

Do you think it would help if we carried around a list of the things that we “Must Have” when we’re trying to find our someone?


How often do you think the things on that list would change?

Every time we have a failed relationship?

Sometimes maybe in the middle of them?

It got me to thinking, though, and I think my current list would read a bit like this:

  • I need him to want to act like an adult. For example — take responsibility for his actions (mistakes and all).
  • I need him to want to take care of himself (because if he can’t care for himself how can I possibly expect him to care for me).
  • I need him to want to grow and learn.
  • I need him to be patient and understanding with, and not isolate himself from me for a week (or longer) when I have an attack of PMS or disagree with him. Clue = that is when I need him the most.
  • And I need him to NOT tell me that I am ALWAYS oversensitive because I am NOT!!

Most times I fight it successfully. I’m sorry that my stupid PMS monster comes out that goddamned twice a year, for fuck sake! It’s not like punishing me with silence is going to make me happier or something.

Ahem… **attempts to regain composure**