Spongebob Squarepants is my hero. He is simple and naive and loving and forgiving and he seems to be at complete peace with himself (most times). He likes to try new things, he finds joy in everything and he persists in trying to make his grumpy neighbor/co-worker as joyful as he is!

I should remember, every time that I am grumpy or down in the dumps, just to turn to Spongebob.

There is much to learn in his simplicity.

Good idea coming here, Patrick.

That’s my specialty!

What? Having good ideas?

Nope. Being called Patrick.

Maybe we should do some stretches first.

Good idea!

Well, that’s MY specialty!

What? Having good ideas?

Nope. Doin’ some stretches first.


I’m Too Scary

I have WAY too much energy and I get excited very easily

At those times (and various others), I can be too loud

My sex drive is VERY intensely high

I smoke too much weed

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Falling Down

Falling Down

Skate Dangers

Last Thursday’s Skate Night was epically bad for me (and epically good at the same time). Thing #1 and I were skating together, arm-in-arm, when one of the “cut-offs” (see reference picture above) turned right in front of us so quickly that we didn’t have a chance to get around him. Our skates got tangled together with his and Thing #1 and I went down hard. She hit her knee really bad and my right hip twisted underneath me. Loverman skated over to help us and we rolled slowly off the floor to take inventory of our injuries.

Both of us seemed to be mostly okay (the guy that collided into us skated away almost immediately. He didn’t even fall), but when I stood up I noticed that my back side seemed a little extra drafty. So, I reached back and felt around and, what do you know? I ripped my pants! Loverman looked at me with laughter in his eyes and I had to ask him if he had any spare pants in his truck (he almost always has spare clothes with him). That day, he did not. So, I asked one of my other skate friends, positive that HE would have an extra pair of sweats in his car. He didn’t either, but told me that they probably sold sweat pants at the Walgreen’s across the street and reminded us that there was a Wal-Mart about a mile down the road.

My sweet Loverman didn’t even blink an eye as he he took off his skates and went across the street to buy me sweatpants, using the $20 bill I had given him earlier for gas money! It was the only money he had and he needed it for gas (so he could get to and from work for the weekend) but instead, he spent it on me and bought me outrageously expensive sweat pants at Walgreen’s! Not only did the pants fit me well, but now I have another sweet reminder of how wonderful that man is to me; and I can wear them whenever I want to feel close to him!

I quickly changed pants and tossed the ripped ones in the garbage, got a drink from the fountain and we were back on the skate floor. My hip was sore, but I skated it out. Thing #1 and Loverman skated together for a couple songs — she was teaching him to do something that he says is impossible, but Thing #1 and I do it all the time… It was a beautiful thing to watch!

It was nearing the end of the night (10:15) and a slow, couples-skating song started to play. Loverman rolled over to me and we started doing one of our backwards steps together. It went fine for the first half of the song, but I was tired and I caught one of my wheels on his. My hip didn’t have the strength to catch my fall, so I was back on the ground again. This time I was completely unable to get myself up and had to crawl off the skating floor (thank goodness I fell by an entrance). My awesome skate-family was there to make sure I was okay, and I was definitely done skating for the night.

Loverman and Thing #1 helped me walk out to the truck… I forced him to take my last $10 because he used all his gas money to buy me pants… He followed us home to make sure that I would be able to drive and then made sure that I made it up the two flights of stairs to my apartment.

When I woke up Friday morning, Thing #1 was there to give me a hug (and wipe the tears) and Thing #2 helped me get around the apartment, but I was struggling to walk and had a terrible limp.

My biggest day-brightener last Friday was when I found out that Loverman waited for me, at a McDonald’s on my route to work, until he got my “safe at work, baby” text. He waited for me to make sure I was okay!

I am so grateful to have such wonderful people around me to look out for me. I try to show them how special they are to me every single time I am with them!

Make sure you go out and give your “special people” a hug today. Some of them might not even know how special you think they are!

Monday’s Earworm! Pop Muzik

Monday’s Earworm! Pop Muzik

How to be Happy: Monday Blues

Good morning and Happy Monday!

One of my friends posted this comment on Facebook this morning:

I’d rather listen to country all day at work then pop music and if anybody knows me you know I hate country

Instantly, this song popped into my head and I had to share my precious little earworm with all of you because I care 🙂 :

Pop Muzic
by M

I hope you all have a lovely Monday!

The I-Team

The I-Team

How to Draw SpongeBob & PatrickthumbnailTuesday Loverman bought a new (to him) truck for his up-and-coming roadside assistance business. Before he bought it, instead of calling his wife he called me. He wanted me to check out the truck and ask questions about it. He wanted me to be there when he signed the papers because I am an “accountant” and he wanted to make sure that he didn’t miss anything. Isn’t that something he should be asking his wife to do with him?

When my ankle was broken, Loverman was the one who went with me to the doctor. He was the one who made sure that I was taken care of and that I was taking care of myself. When my car breaks down and I need help I call Loverman. Isn’t that something that my husband should be doing for me?

We really make a damn good team.

I can remember when it used to be like that with the husband. I guess that our teams just changed a little. We got married, had kids, got older and life became more complicated. That’s when it feels like I started working on the Family Team and he kept working on the I-Team. Every once in a while I can see that he wants to change teams to make me less angry, but it doesn’t last very long (just until I’m not angry any more) and then he’s back on the I-Team again.

But I guess I’m really on my own I-Team, too…

Aren’t we all?

I wish I were…

I wish I were…

If things were different…

They just wouldn’t be the same…

My father used to say that all the time. I totally hated it!

Of course I wish things were different. Pretty much I wish that every day! Doesn’t everyone? But I don’t think that I can just wish away all the things that I don’t like. Some of the choices that I regret have turned me into the person that I love now! It would also mean that some of the things I enjoy and appreciate wouldn’t be the same – in fact, they might just cease to exist for me. And, although I won’t remember (because those things would not have happened), I might wish things were different then, too. Who can say what paradoxes I will create in my imagination trying to make things ideal?

“The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.” Patrick Star, SpongeBob Squarepants

If things were different, would I still love SpongeBob Squarepants? Would he still be my hero? Or, would I be voting for Mitt Romney in this year’s election instead? (I know they seem drastically different, but in my mind if I don’t like the one, I must be a “fan” of the other.)

If things were different, my two perfect daughters would be different. Maybe they would still be perfect, but they would be different. I would be different, too… How would I still know that they’re perfect? Heck, would I even have two daughters?

If things were different, my husband would take care of himself (or would he?). He would take responsibility for his actions and clean up after himself. He would act like an adult and treat me like his wife and not his mother. Or, maybe I would have gone through with that divorce 10 years ago. That sure would have changed things! I probably wouldn’t have moved to the lovely place where I live now, far from the repression of family and old memories. I would still be fat and unhappy. I would still be sealed inside my shell of self-protection – shielded from reality… And I would never have met all of these wonderful new people who care about me.

  • I wish I were richer. Then I would be able to take my daughters to Disneyland.
  • I wish I were taller. I don’t know why, I just think it would be more fun for me that way 😉
  • I wish I were sexier. Then I would have more self-confidence.
  • I wish my husband and I were divorced. Then I would have more freedom for myself, and I would be able to teach my daughters about healthy relationships. Really, I think I just wish that I had chosen someone else with whom to spend eternity.
  • I wish I never found out that my father drowns squirrels in a barrel in the garage every summer and then buries them all over the yard! In 2011 he killed 42. The last I heard this year, he was up to 39! What are they doing?! Keeping score?! Well, umm, you’re winning, you can stop already! FYI – squirrels mate for f***ing life, A**-holes!!!!!
  • I wish my mother had never told me that she wished I was more like my little brother and that she likes him better and always has.
  • I wish my parents were Democrats. Then they would just be completely different people than they are right now 😉 and that would be a good thing for everyone!

But some of those wishes are things that I cannot change (but if I keep wishing for it, maybe they will!) and will always be completely beyond my control.

“If wishes were horses, we’d all be eating steak” – Jayne Cobb, Firefly

I wish I had made different choices for my future a long, long time ago. But none of that matters now. I love the person that I have become, the things I have been forced to learn about myself and all of the world around me. If I had made different choices, I would be different too.

I don’t know what it would be like if all the things I wished for came true. All I know is that — things would definitely not be the same. I guess my father was right.

So, I guess the short version is: I wish I were exactly the same as I am right now!

(My attempt at this week’s DPChallenge: “I Wish I Were”)