Smitten with Him

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My sexy temptress

Thigh-high stockings, schoolgirl dress

Sweet enough to eat

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from Pinterest

Yesterday’s Daily Prompt: Tart

Your Dom Is Showing

So… I haven’t mentioned Mr. Nice Guy for quite some time. Probably because we’ve only been talking about vanilla things at work and haven’t spent any extra time together outside of that because we’ve been separately busy.

Also, he told me that he will no longer “get involved” with a co-worker. Good idea. Sometimes it works and people can be grown-ups when it ends, sometimes it doesn’t.

I get it. But it’s another reason we haven’t been spending as much time together.

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It’s His Birthday, but I Get the Gifts…

In two weeks, I will be with TC for three whole days and two whole nights! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to be with him again!

It’s funny because, when we made our arrangements for our first meeting, we only had to wait one single month. Now, for our second meeting, we will have waited a total of 9 weeks. That’s over two fucking months! (And I thought 4 weeks seemed like an eternity…)

I never want to wait that long to see him ever again!

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