Smitten with Him

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And Now for Some Fetish

Last Friday night Mr. Nice Guy and I went out on another, quite lovely date.

He has a serious shoe fetish and, a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that he should take me to Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW) where I could model shoes for him and he could take pictures.

He went absolutely crazy over the idea. So, last Friday evening he took me out shopping. Let me tell you that it was a lovely diversion from the Mick drama over the past few days.

First, we met in parking lot of the sex shop (Fascinations) near our work. (It’s where we always meet and we joke about it every time because there is a marijuana dispensary right across the street! How fitting, right?)

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Spandex Buddha… What?!

He calls himself:


His profile said only:

Not sunglasses….

Usually I don’t go for so few words. I want to know something about the guy. At least then I can say something witty, instead of, “Hi. How are you?”

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Too Much Too Soon

Why can’t I ease into things?

Mick has a girlfriend. I thought I could be okay with that.

More importantly, he thought he could be okay with that.

It turns out that neither of us is okay with that because, well, feelings…

Goddamn feelings!

I’ve brought them up already with him a couple of times.

After spending our second night together last Thursday, Mick took great care of me. When he finished whipping my back, he rubbed oil into the lashings. After he was finished torturing my nipples, he kissed them with his sweet, warm lips and caressed them with his tongue.

And I fell asleep curled in his arms, just as I like.

Since last Friday I’ve had these fucking feelings:

I like Mick. I want to do things with him. Things other than have him smack me around and fuck me.

It would be nice if we could walk across a parking lot, holding hands, without him thinking he just saw his girlfriend’s car drive by.

Or if we could talk outside anywhere without him worrying that we’ll see someone he knows.

He’s having feelings about all that, too.  Along with feeling conflicted because he’s starting to care about me and doesn’t feel as comfortable physically hurting someone he cares about.

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Quote of the Day: Fate





Tuesday morning after our last “round” of morning sex before I had to leave…

Alaska: I’ve literally spent the last day trying to fuck the wetness out of you and you just don’t stop!

Me (once I finished laughing my ass off): I told you…! I’m insatiable. But, it has happened before. Give it a couple of days… Did I wear you out?

Alaska: Yeah. A little bit…

Me: And you thought you were strange…


Terrifyingly Beautiful

I have been feeling very forgettable recently and was browsing about the interweb to find some picture or meme that went along with the way I felt.

This showed up in my Google picture search:


Don’t you agree?