I am thankful to say that the reason I haven’t been writing is because I have nothing really to write about. Things are mostly quiet in my life.

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“Don’t Believe Him”

Don’t Believe Him

Via on May 20, 2015

Don’t believe the boy who says he’ll be there for you with a sweetly charming smile, but never actually shows up.

He’ll say a lot of things; talking is his specialty.

When he talks, he waves a wand, making words into sparkly magic tricks that trip you up all over yourself.

Silky, romantic whispers become mind games become lies.

And, f*ck, he lies so much that he lives in a gossamer web of glossy half-truths, unsure himself, of what’s real and what’s not.

With a lost look in his eyes and confusion stamped all over his heart, he’ll tell you he loves you.

But, he doesn’t.

He can’t.

He’s so empty that he’s forgotten how to love at all.

But, for a second, you’ll fall for his beautiful words and glittering strings of grand illusions.

You’ll give every ounce of your strength, trying so hard to fix his wounds and make him whole.

You’ll do everything, something, anything at all to make him stay.

But, he will never stay—because he was never there in the first place.

It’s okay.

You’ve known in your gut all along that something was wrong.

Believe yourself.

Kiss him hard and let him go.

Yes, let him go.

Then, when you’re ready, seek the man you can believe, whose actions match his words.

He will stand proudly by your side, honored beyond belief to weave his fingers through yours.

He will have integrity tattooed on his soul and radiating pools of golden-flecked kindness in his eyes.

He will be honest as shit with you because he’s honest as shit with himself.

He will not play circus-themed mind games because he’d rather buck up and bare his heart.

He will be brave enough to love you in all your messy, loud, tear-stained, gorgeously scarred glory.

He will not be perfect, but his flaws will compliment yours perfectly.

He exists.

Don’t settle for his cheap, a**hole imposter.

Because you, beautiful soul, you deserve the real thing.


A Partial Undressing

A Partial Undressing

… … … I sit you down in a chair and straddle your lap, my love button positioned right above you, to greet your growing erection. Then I unbutton each button, teasing your soft and curly chest hairs after every one. Your pants stay on for a while, but your shirt is definitely coming off! I tug at the bottom to pull it loose from your belt and slide the fabric down your shoulders. Such strong shoulders. Mmm! My fingers softly run up and down your biceps, appreciating their strength and tone. Goosebumps arise on your flesh and I giggle a little as I can feel your erection trying to poke through your zipper. Your fingers are gliding up my back, underneath my blouse. I shiver as you find one of those hidden tickle spots and giggle again.

My lips are on top of yours, exploring the new territory; I pause for a moment to nibble gently on your bottom lip. You respond by opening your mouth just a little bit and our tongues touch. Sparks fly and I feel a surge of wetness between my legs … … …

Sweet dreams,


Two Good Things

Two Good Things

There’s actually a lot more, but I am only going to write about two of them right here and now.

#1 –


sparkpeople.com is cool as hell!! I just found it last week and I have been using it to track my exercise and meals. It’s a little time consuming, but not bad. I am hoping it’s worth it. There are fitness articles and videos and support groups… I haven’t dug in very deep, I really just wanted it for the calorie tracking. All in all, I eat fairly healthy, my problem is on the weekends. Now that football season is over and I’m not eating Cheetos all day on Sunday, maybe that will help 😉

This weekend is going to be my first actual challenge to myself in a long time. I am going to try to avoid all junk (processed) food at all costs. I have a recipe for a microwave mug brownie, but I will only eat that in an extreme chocolate ’emergency’ 😉 It will be difficult because I have skating tomorrow (Saturday) night and then a skating b-day party Sunday afternoon with some of my “skate family”. I am going to be HUN-GRY!!! I will make sure that I have plenty of protein and fiber to keep me satisfied.

FYI – sparkpeople has helped me learn that ONE HOUR roller skating/blading burns almost 700 calories! That’s INSANE!!! I usually skate for at least 90 minutes, but most times it’s 2 hours! I would think with that kind of exercise, I should be able to eat whatever the fuck I want! Right?!?

#2 –

Yesterday while I was driving home, I realized that Loverman’s birthday next week will mark the end of our 5th year together (plus a month or two, but we don’t technically even have an anniversary), and last night at skating it was like they knew exactly what I was thinking and played the song “Anniversary” by Tony Toni Tone.

While we were skating together, all close and snuggly-tight, I said to him, “You know, I realized something today on my way home from work. It’s kind of our anniversary, too. Did you know that next week will be the 5 birthday of yours that we have been together.”

His answer was silly, “So you say…” and then he nuzzled in closer to me and kissed my neck. I wish you could see how we skate together. Everyone says it’s like we’re one person. So smooth… It feels that way, too.

In our “skate family”, Loverman and I are a couple. No one knows any different. No one knows we are married to other people. For as long as they have known us, we have been together, and we’re a couple. We skate like a couple, we act like a couple, we talk like a couple (and other stuff, too. Pretty much because we are a couple)… About a year ago one of them asked how long Loverman and I have been married — I think I blushed, but my response was simply, “We’re not married to each other, but we’ve been happily together for about 4 years.”

So… While we were skating together, to that slow and sexy couples-skate song, one of our friends skated past and teased, “Get a room!” and then winked at us. I can’t remember what Loverman’s response was. It was something like, “I’m barely even touching her!” The reply was short and sweet, “It’s the thought that counts.”

Happy Friday, everyone!!! Have a great weekend! May the good things in life find their way to you, too!

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
– Lao Tzu

The Lovers by Ada Cartianu
The Lovers
by Ada Cartianu