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Giving Into Temptation

timegiven-300x224Monday morning I caved. I reached out to Alaska.

To be honest, I actually sent him a text Friday morning about my horrible “coffee” date Thursday night. His text response was, “That’s why I don’t date.” Then he called me about 15 minutes after that to check on me and make sure I was actually okay. (At this point, I had not yet made arrangements to have drinks with Rock Star.)

It was bad that Alaska called. I shouldn’t have answered. He was sweet and attentive and concerned. It made me think about him and his bed and his arms and our conversations… He’s a comfortable place that I wanted to return to. Hanging up with him was difficult because all I wanted to do was ask if I could see him.

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Love Me Reckless


Sleeping with TC was just as wonderful as I remembered it. Whether he was conscious for it or not, each and every time his body realized it was without mine, he reached over and pulled me close. It felt so good to be held possessively like that by someone… To feel owned… And, after exposing myself so thoroughly to him… It’s very difficult to describe the content-ness I felt each time he wrapped himself around me.

We slept until at least 10 Saturday morning, and I slept better with TC than I have in a long time; especially because I am not used to sleeping with someone, and we have only slept together two other nights before.

All in all, Saturday was a strange day for me. I acted like every mixed nut in the bowl.

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Spring Sk8 Jam Sacramento

Oh my goodness! Last weekend was amazing! There aren’t even words to express the amount of fun that I had.

It was great that I brought Thing #1 instead of (pretty much) anyone else. We had such a good time, I can barely figure out what to write!!


Rather than going over the minute and pesky travel details with you (because everything went so smoothly), I’ll just get to the good part.

Thursday night we drove to Stockton to a place called Residence Rink. When we got to the address on the directions, it seemed strange: it was a house in the middle of a residential area. As we drove by the first time, both Thing #1 and I thought, This seems more like a house party. There appeared to be bouncers in the parking lot, and the ‘parking lot’ really wasn’t much more than a drive-through driveway. We doubled-back when we saw the DJ’s bus stopped at a gas station and decided to follow them.

The bus drove back to the exact place where we had just been. We parked on the street (because that was the only parking available) and discussed it for a minute. We even called 411 to call the place and talk to a person. 411 had no record of a roller skating rink in Stockton, CA.

So, because the scene seemed kinda fishy and both of us are too shy for our own good, we decided just to return to the hotel…

It turns out that it’s a legitimate rink.

Friday night at the warm-up roll, I talked to one of the hosts. Someone converted their upstairs into a roller skating rink. It’s small, but it has a great wooden floor and people go there all the time. I mentioned that I wished we had known that – if we had, we would have know better and gone in and skated…

Friday we woke up and got groceries. Then, in the afternoon we took a country drive, sat in the shade by the hotel pool and rested to get ready for 5 hours of roller skating that night from Midnight to 5AM.

Thing #1 tried to keep up. She really did! But, after her first 3 hours, she was totally beat. Regardless, she endured until 4AM the first night. I am so proud of her!!

We got back to the hotel and fell into our beds around 5AM Saturday morning. I was only able to sleep for a couple of hours (that’s how I get on these sk8ventures) but I didn’t wake up Thing #1 until about an hour before it was time to leave for the picnic.

The food was amazing and the music rocked! TwoRaw Skate Club knows how to host a party!!
(BTW – If you ever want a really hoppin’ picnic, make sure you hire a DJ, yo!)

Saturday night skating was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! There were a couple of groups that drove up from Los Angeles and I got to see some friends I met in Phoenix back in February who I wasn’t expecting to get to see…


I am so proud of myself!! Normally I wouldn’t put myself out there and talk to new people. Normally I am a wallflower who just observes quietly. But last weekend I went around introducing myself to strangers and meeting Facebook friends I had never met in person… It totally paid off. I met some great new people who are practically famous in the Skate Community and I got to add them onto my ever-growing skate family!

Sunday afternoon there was bowling, but we decided not to go.

Thing #1 was so sore and tired. I let her sleep late into the afternoon and the she took a hot bath to relax.

When it came time for the cool-down skate at 10PM Sunday night she simply couldn’t find the energy to go. And her body hurt so bad…

But *I* went! (Of course! Did you expect anything less?!)

Most of the out-of-towners had left; there were only a few stragglers from Los Angeles. None of my Skate Family… 😦

Because of that, it was interesting skating the final night. The only people who even acknowledged that I was there were the skate hosts (who were wondering where my partner went) and the out-of-towners. No matter, though. It was a really peaceful and quiet night. I skated the entire 3 hours.

The floor was so smooth, I didn’t want to stop rolling…

And now, here’s a video of the picnic and Saturday Night’s Main Event made by my friend Jamal!


Monday Motivation: Promises

If you make them

Keep them


Last week, Scorpio was supposed to call me before Wednesday night to confirm our date.

He didn’t.

I wasn’t surprised or angry, but I was disappointed.

He promised he wouldn’t forget.

And, technically, he didn’t. He called me while I was driving home from work Wednesday night and asked, “Are we still on for tonight?”

I expected this actually, so my response was easy, “I was waiting to hear back from you and when you didn’t confirm, I didn’t know if I should plan anything for us.”

He thought about it for a second and then replied, “Oh, yeah. You’re totally right. I’m really sorry I forgot.”

“It’s okay,” and then I said, playfully, “It’s your loss.”

“I know, huh,” he acknowledged. “Where are you right now?”

“I’m on my way home from work,” then I told him my actual location in traffic. “Where are you right now?” I asked.

“Downtown,” then he told me the cross-streets, “I just got off work and I thought, if we were going to do something tonight, maybe you could pick me up. But, since I forgot to confirm with you, I’ll just take the bus.”

I had an idea. “Well, I’m in a good place to come pick you up and give you a ride home? That way I could see you tonight anyway. Even if it’s just for a little while. Does that sound like something you could go for?”

“That would be really awesome!”

“Okay. It will take me like 30 minutes to get there, okay?”

“Okay, beautiful. Thank you!”

We discussed exactly where he was and where we would meet. He explained to me that his phone was dying and our call might get disconnected.

It didn’t then, but it did die before I tried to call him back later.

When he wasn’t where we had agreed he would wait.

Big fucking surprise, right?

Finally, as I’m putting money in the meter, he wanders out of the building where he was working, “Hey, babe. Have you been waiting long?”

“Yeah. About 15 minutes. I’ve been wandering around looking for you.”

“Sorry about that,” he said. “I was upstairs talking to the security guard and I didn’t see you pull up.”

“Okay, cool. I’m glad you’re still here and didn’t leave.” (I was only like 10% mad at this point – mildly irritated, I guess. Or incensed.)

(But, Seriously! OMFG!! He knew I was coming, and that his phone was dying, and he didn’t wait in the lobby by the windows like we had planned. Sound like Loserman a little? *sigh*))

We hugged and he put his stuff in the back seat then asked if we could walk down to 7-11, he wanted to pick up a Black & Mild.

“Sure, no problem,” I said. Because it wasn’t. There was money in the meter and it was a nice evening. He put his arm out and we strolled arm-in-arm one block to the 7-11.

After all that was over and we were on the road, Scorpio said, “Okay. I know you’re going to laugh at me because I keep asking this, but what day are we leaving on that skate trip?”

He was right. I did laugh. I laughed because I have told him every single time that I have seen him for the last two months that it’s over Valentine’s weekend – we’ll be leaving really early on the morning of Friday the 13th. I even printed out the flyers for it and gave them to him!

After I was done with my giggle-fit, I explained it to him all over again. Then I looked him straight in the eyes and asked, “Are you still going to go on this trip with me?”

“Of course I am,” He replied.

I asked again, “Are you sure? If you cancelled at the last minute it would totally suck.”

“Yeah, babe. I’m still planning on going with you,” he reassured me.

(He sure doesn’t seem very excited about it. Don’t other people get excited about going on vacation?! Or is it just me?!?!?!)

We talked some more about what time we need to leave on Friday morning, what time the Friday night rooftop party starts, what we were going to wear…

I asked him if he would be able to help me check out the car (Breezy) on Sunday afternoon (yesterday) to make sure he was ready for the long drive.

He said that he thought he would be able to because he would already be working on a friend’s car Sunday, too.

But he would get back to me Saturday night for sure.

He promised.

I said, “Don’t forget about me this time,” then I winked at him and leaned in for a kiss.

He returned my kiss and reassured me, “I won’t forget this time. I promise. Cross my heart.”

“Okay,” I was satisfied. We talked a little more, he went into his house and I returned home.


He forgot about me Saturday night.


Nope. Not any more. It seems I am very forgettable!


Sunday I did the oil change and checked fluids on Breezy with Thing #1.

Here’s what *I* have to say about promises today:






It Finally Happened

Eviction Notice Letter on Front  Door

Diva texted Loverman Monday morning (July 28th) at 11AM and told him he had until midnight that day to get his stuff moved out.

A Writ of Restitution was posted on their door by the Denver County Sheriff. Loverman wasn’t sure of the date on the Writ. He says it looked like it was originally July 18th but appeared to have been altered to the 28th. In my opinion, the date on the writ was originally July 18th. But that’s irrelevant now.

He texted me Monday night at 6:45 to let me know initially, then called me again at 8:30 to tell me that he had most of his stuff packed into a U-Haul and he was headed back to his friend’s place. Then he read the Writ of Restitution to me. After he finished, he asked a few questions about the process (because I work for a real estate agency that handles evictions and bank-owned properties). One of his questions was, “Do I really have to be out by midnight?”

I explained to him that the Sheriff isn’t going to show up at his door at midnight with an eviction crew and make them leave. Evictions usually happen in the morning, so he should start to worry around 8AM Tuesday (the 29th). Also, without knowing when the notice was actually posted on the door, I wouldn’t be able to give him any kind of time frame.

I am SO thankful he started moving his stuff a long time ago! I am even more relieved that we had a chance to move his motorcycle Sunday afternoon. So that was one less thing he had to worry about in his mad dash to get all his crap out Monday night.

We talked briefly Tuesday morning. He told me that he still wanted to “hook up” with me for Date Night. I was glad, not only for myself but for him. He hasn’t slept since Sunday evening and that was only for an hour or so.

I want him to have a nice, hot bath and a comfy bed to sleep in with his “sexy pillows”.

Hopefully that is what we’re doing when this post publishes 🙂


A Weekend in Texts

This weekend (as most weekends) Loverman and I didn’t “talk” at all, but we communicated all we needed to say in our very brief texts with each other.

Saturday Night Text

I send something like that every Saturday night after Thing #1 and I get done skating. Normally, he texts me back. The one time that he didn’t, it was because he lost his phone and had no way to contact me.

He didn’t text me back this time either, so I set my alarm to wake me up early Sunday morning when I knew he would be off work.

Sunday Morning Texts

Sunday night I went roller skating by myself and it felt a lot little lonely. It was my first time going to this rink and, in the end, I was very proud of myself for going alone! It turns out that it was a good thing; I knew more people there than I expected to and I had a TON of fun!! But it made me really miss my skating partner, especially during the slow-n-sexy couples’ songs.

When I sent these messages last night, Loverman didn’t know yet that I had just been skating. I didn’t want to bother him with a long conversation while he was at work and I really didn’t want to send that many texts. But I told him all about my awesome time skating when we were having our Monday-morning catch-up…

Sunday Night Texts


Sk8-venture Prep, Movies and Football

Two more weeks from today Loverman and I will be on the road to Kansas City for my very first (but hopefully not last) Sk8-venture ever!!

I am SO excited!! I’ve been a total skate freak trying to get my body ready for two fun-filled nights of 4-6 hours of skating. I feel like I’m getting ready for a “skate marathon”. For the last few weeks I have been skating 3 days a week trying to get ready (tonight I have to do a big, long yoga session, I am starting to feel a bit tight — gotta work that out…). A normal skate week for me is usually 2 days — Wednesdays and Saturdays. But, lately I have added Thursdays into the mix. There are 5 different Adult Night skate sessions all around Denver (and two more in Colorado Springs and one in Fort Collins) and I would skate every single one of them every single week if I was independently wealthy (and had a car that got better gas mileage 😉 ).

However, tonight will be a night off from skating. Mr. Doom-n-Gloom and Thing #2 will be at MileHi Con 45 (sci-fi convention) all weekend (YAY!!!!). Thing #1 and I will be revelling in the solitude. Tonight will be movie night (and my bedtime yoga), tomorrow is chores 😦 with some more yoga and even more skating, and then Sunday is FOOTBALL!!! We are looking forward to this Broncos vs. Colts match-up — it will be interesting to see how Peyton plays against his old team. Either way, though, GO BRONCOS!!!

I hope you all have a happy Friday and a totally lovely weekend (let’s all watch the Broncos stomp the Colts!)!

And, if you get a chance:


Summer Roller Jam Party Barcelona 2013

Summer Roller Jam Party Barcelona 2013


You Think YOUR Kid’s Bathroom Is Messy?!?

Take this, Confessions Of Your Husband’s Mistress!!!


I am ashamed to say that this is a picture of the current state of my daughters’ bathroom (it’s worse than it looks!). There really is no excuse for this, I know, but this is what it looked like when I walked in there this morning <sigh>.

Once I got over my initial horror, I went out to the kitchen where Thing #1 was packing her lunch (she’s going to Beauty School now — I totally LOVE it!!!) and said to her, “You are going to need to clean that bathroom Saturday morning while I am driving your dad and Thing #2 around running errands. It’s totally disgusting in there!”

Her response was, “I will be asleep Saturday morning.”

OMG! What candor! “Um… Okay, sweetie, then I guess you will be cleaning it Saturday afternoon. You can clean it Friday night after I fall asleep. I don’t really care, as long as it doesn’t look like that before we go skating Sunday morning!”

That was it. I went to work and she went to school. Tonight I will be out for my “date night” with Loverman, so this will be revisited with her again Thursday and Friday mornings. Hopefully this time, when she gets the bathroom clean (she’s pretty good at it, once she actually does it!) it will stay that way — like the closet that she cleaned out a while back…


I’m B-a-a-a-ck!!!

I finally got to go roller skating on Sunday!

Loverman and my oldest daughter were there with me and both of them watched over me like parents who just took off their child’s training wheels. It was cute. They both skated very well, too! 😉 It was so nice to get out on the skating floor again! It felt like I was finally home!

I want to do it again and again and again and again! Wednesday is the next night that Loverman can go with me. I know that I need to take it slow and ease back into things. But, my ankle is strong! I couldn’t even tell that I had been broken when I was out there skating my ass off. I was worried about stamina because roller skating is A hella-LOT of work, but I skated for almost 1.5 hours! I think Loverman even got a video…

Watch out, Skating World, I’m b-a-a-a-ck!!!!!


Sweet Snowy Sunday Morning Texts

Guess what I wish I was doing to you this morning, birthday man…in front of a nice, warm fire… Let me know when you get home safe, please?

Me and Bear are home safe. Wishing to be warm with somebody. I hope you had a nice night’s sleep.

Thank you, baby! I wish I was that somebody! You have a good sleep, too. Happy Birthday, my sweet and sexy Loverman!! Kisses and feelies and stuff!! (I also sent him his special birthday song, by: ME.)

You are….sexy.
Kick the kids for me! And thank you for the birthday song! I hope you have a good day.

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