Last Monday He called me “Baby”.

He’s never called me that before.

He usually calls me “Sweetheart”.

I think it just slipped out.

Which made it feel even better.

He kissed me good-bye, too.

It’s the little things.

Giving Into Temptation

Giving Into Temptation

timegiven-300x224Monday morning I caved. I reached out to Alaska.

To be honest, I actually sent him a text Friday morning about my horrible “coffee” date Thursday night. His text response was, “That’s why I don’t date.” Then he called me about 15 minutes after that to check on me and make sure I was actually okay. (At this point, I had not yet made arrangements to have drinks with Rock Star.)

It was bad that Alaska called. I shouldn’t have answered. He was sweet and attentive and concerned. It made me think about him and his bed and his arms and our conversations… He’s a comfortable place that I wanted to return to. Hanging up with him was difficult because all I wanted to do was ask if I could see him.

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Good Night, Sweetheart…

Good Night, Sweetheart…

Page Corner round-brown-blueWe’re home. Elle was awesome (just like you)! Only a very tiny bit of sputtering. Thank you!! Kisses and have an awesome night!

You are welcome. Thanks for letting me know you got home safe.

You are always my pleasure! Mmmm….

Mmmmm……I would love to pleasure you. You have a wonderful night.

I will… Thinking about exactly that. Ooh la la.