Smitten with Him

grown-up stuff happens here sometimes

Craigslist Date #2

(My Craigslist Personal Ad)

He will be called Mick because he looks almost exactly like Mick Fleetwood, only shorter (and a bit like my dad and Willie Nelson, too. The dad part’s a little creepy…)

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The Bad Sub

I broke up with Alaska on New Years Eve at pretty much the strike of midnight.

At least it felt like a break-up…

I had been feeling strange about him all week before that. It was partly the fact that he hadn’t “marked” me the last time we were together: I didn’t know how to react or feel about it. And partly because his attentiveness had kinda dropped off.

But maybe I was making excuses because I was already looking for a reason to run.

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Processing Through…

This Tuesday was Alaska‘s birthday. He asked me to make him an ice cream cake and spend the evening (night) with him.

We had a fun play session with the new riding crop I got him as a gift. He totally loves it. He says it makes a better sound than any of his other impact toys back in Anchorage.

He also managed to fit in a couple smacks with the good ole, tried and true switch that I cut for him a couple months ago (he likes the marks it makes)…

But, that’s not what I am going to tell you about here. LOL!

Before playtime started, we happened to be watching Everybody Hates Chris on MTV and the following commercial for one of their new shows came on:

It’s a new fantasy series!

ON MTV!!!!!

And it looks really fucking good… Thing #1 and I are really excited to find out if it’s as good as it looks.

I mentioned that to Alaska when the commercial finished.

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It’s All Fun and Good Until Someone Gets Hurt



I tried it…

The first few times it wasn’t so bad. It was fun, really…

Then there was last week.

Whipped with a switch that I cut for myself…

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Why do good feelings have to feel so good?

It’s so the bad ones can feel so bad.

Feelings On-Off

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