Somewhat Sexy Update

Somewhat Sexy Update

Our date night last Wednesday night ended up being pretty awesome.

… After a couple of little snags because things didn’t happen the way I had hoped they would.

It basically boils down to this:

When we actually *get* to have a night together, I do my best to wear something pretty, put on clean drawers and shave all the prickly bits. The idea is that I look and smell nice for him.

Last week I was hoping that he felt that same way and, at the very least, would have bathed for me so he smelled nice and was mostly soft. Also, it kind of shows me that he appreciates me.

But he didn’t. And I was disappointed when he got to our room and told me he probably hadn’t showered in days; probably more like a week.

Aside from skating, we haven’t been able to spend any intimate time together for almost a month. I was ready to tear off his clothes the second he got there and mount him right on top of the bedspread.

When he told me how filthy he was, the last thing I wanted to do was suck his dick and ride him until we both passed out!

I sat down on the bed across from where he was sitting. He asked, “What’s wrong, Mamacita?”

It took me a moment to put my thoughts together: I didn’t want to say the wrong thing and ruin our first intimate moment together in practically 4 weeks.

“It’s just that, whenever we have time planned to be together, I try to look good for you. I try to smell nice and be soft all over. I want to look nice for you and I kind of wish you felt that way about me a little bit, too. I’m only a little upset and I will get over it, but I have to be honest with you and tell you that I am disappointed and a little sad at you.”

He was very, very uncomfortable and sat there quietly because I don’t think he knew what to say. Eventually he broke the silence, “Are you hungry, Mama? We don’t have to go skating tonight. We can just eat and shower and spend the night here.”

We didn’t discuss it further. He stood up and leaned over to kiss me. “Let’s get some Taco Bell so you don’t starve.”

The trip to get dinner and a bottle of wine was very quiet, but only a little uncomfortable. When we got back to our room we drank Riesling with our Nachos and Burritos and watched Blackish – so cute!

The show ended. I stood up and started to get naked for our shower.

When my panties were around my ankles, I bent over to slip them under my feet and Loverman was right be hind me as he leaned over my back and whispered in my ear, “You are so sexy and you don’t even know it. I am going to take you right now!”

I could feel his stiff erection pressing against my wet pussy lips and I wiggled my hips back onto him. It only took a few seconds and he slid easily into me.

His hands grabbed my hips and we thrust into each other over and over again. Usually my Loverman is quiet, aside from some dirty talk, but this time I could tell he was forcing himself not to orgasm. The louder he moaned, the harder he was holding back.

“Just cum, baby! I want you to cum all over my ass!” I screamed.

He did exactly as I asked.

And then he did it again while we were cleaning up in the shower…

The End of My Tuesday Tirade

The End of My Tuesday Tirade

I did manage to calm myself down after my Tuesday Tirade before Loverman picked me up. It was very difficult, but I think it was worth it.

After reading Rgonaut‘s comment as I was leaving the other night, I told myself that he was right. I started reminding myself that *I* was the one who made the choice to help Loverman and be his support – it’s not like he forces me to give him money and help him when he needs it. I let him use my truck to be helpful and because I know he needs to go to work just like the rest of us, but I choose to help him. He is very cooperative and tries to accommodate me when I need it as well (we talked about that more in our conversation on the way home).

So, he finally got to work to pick me up Tuesday at 7:23PM (over 2 hours late). He called me when he was on his way to get me and he wouldn’t hang up until he was walking up the steps to the building where I work. During our lengthy phone conversation, where I was mostly listening because I didn’t want to say anything that I would regret later (and I didn’t want to talk about something serious over the phone, I would much rather do that in person. I can control myself better face-to-face), I asked him if he wanted me to get a ride home from the one person that was still left in our office at 6:40. His answer was so charming it helped to calm me down. He simply answered by saying, “No, sweetie. I want to spend the night with you. We have plans and I am really looking forward to being with you.” Those words melted my heart because I believed him. He had a rough week and all he wanted was to have a relaxing and peaceful time; a little self-indulgence while everything else seemed so overwhelming.

He wasn’t avoiding me, he wasn’t trying to piss me off, he simply didn’t communicate what was going on. It turned out that, instead of going to work out the problems he’s having with his car (like he was supposed to), he went to go work on someone else’s car and it took longer than he had expected because more was broken than his “customer” had told him… That happens a lot.

Ultimately, I knew was going to forgive him because I care about him; that’s why I needed to vent here before I saw him — I didn’t want to end up being a scary-ass-insane bitch to his face. Relationships are about mutual cooperation, frustration, elation, disappointment, togetherness, sadness, learning, unlearning, patience, impatience… All of that. Right?

Once we got into the truck to drive home, I told him I was disappointed that he just didn’t tell me what he was doing to begin with. That would have solved my whole disappointment issue… Then I asked him how he got so off track. Like I said, he was supposed to iron out the financial problems that he’s having with the broken truck he purchased two months ago. I asked him, Is it me? Did I do something to run you off track? He replied that it wasn’t me, he got his own self off track when he went to fix that “customer’s” vehicle.

We had a good conversation as we drove to our hotel and, on the way, stopped to get some wine and Taco Bell. After eating and drinking and relaxing together a little, we were laying on the bed, fully clothed but face-to-face and he said, “You are so cool.”

“I didn’t feel so cool earlier when I was so mad at you… You are such a helpful person, you can’t ever say no. I think that’s one of the things that I like so much about you, but I also think that is the one thing that I hate the most about you, too. Now, please go take a shower! Your stinky feet are making my eyes water!!”

Loverman burst out in laughter and practically fell off his side of the bed! We had a bit of a silly argument because he said that he couldn’t smell them. But in the end, I won. “Okay, babe. I will go take a shower.”

While he was bathing, I changed into a jersey that he had recently given me but hadn’t been able to see me in yet, and a new pair of special panties to go with it. Now, Loverman LOVES to take a LONG, HOT shower! So, by the time he was done, the first run of Conan was almost over and I was barely awake.

I felt him climb into bed next to me and he whispered in my ear as he began to unbutton the top of my shirt, “Ooh la la, baby. You look so good I want to taste you.” That man proceeded to love me like he has only a few times before! He held himself back from orgasm over and over again while he teased me, bringing me close to the brink and then slowing down and pulling out of me. The entire time, his arms were wrapped around my shoulders holding us almost impossibly close. He kissed me sweetly and moaned in my ear and I felt so loved and appreciated. A few times over the last couple of weeks, Loverman had told me he wished he could just bury himself in me and forget about everything for a little while. I guess we were both kind of doing that!

It would be very nice if we could have these types of moments more often. One of the best parts of our relationship is when we worked together. We would go to lunch every day and we could be with each other when we needed it. It helps me to know that we are able to spend a ton of time together and still get along; also, that our relationship isn’t solely based on sex. The intimacy seems to help us reconnect and rejuvenate.

I couldn’t fall asleep afterwards but, almost instantly he was sound asleep. That’s totally normal. And, if I get out of bed because I feel like I’m squirming too much, that’s when he wakes up and then he asks me why I left. So I usually lay there with him, reveling in the closeness, until slumber takes me as well.  And eventually it did…

My Truck is Fixed

My Truck is Fixed

Loverman fixed my truck last week and gave it back to me Friday! It’s awesome. He went to the junkyard and, all by his little self, he pulled a rear end off of a different truck, drug it back to his place and then proceeded to take off both of my rear broken axles and replace them with what he found. Not only that – I didn’t HAVE to pay for the rear end he pulled out of the junkyard! (I did pay him for the labor, of course, it isn’t right to take advantage, even though he isn’t expecting any type of payment – except for what we call “stuff”. LOL!)

All weekend I drove around in what was luxury to me. In the old rear end the wheel bearings were making this crackling noise and the rear differential was whining all the time, my leaf springs had no “pep to their step”, as Loverman would say… Now, there isn’t ANY crackling or whining noises and it glides over bumps like a dream. On top of all that, he sanded out a rust spot in the passenger door, replaced the inside door handle on the driver’s side and replaced the hinges for the driver’s-side door as well (so it opens and closes gently now). And it isn’t like I neglect my truck in any way! I love that thing. We’ve named him Bear and he gets me all around where I want to go, but he has 206,000 (227,000 now 😉 ) miles and it’s a 1995 so there are going to be plenty of problems. We are working on getting it all fixed up before we aren’t able to find any good parts for it any more (he has two 93 Ford Probes and we are running into that problem all over for his parts).

What a nice weekend! Friday night we went to Taco Bell for dinner (because McDonald’s is for Saturdays!) and had a very nice time. Then Saturday night, like always, we went roller skating (and got our McDoubles, no pickles or onions, some French fries and a large root beer…). Saturday is officially the night that we get to spend together. We used to work together and saw each other all the time, so I am even more grateful for Saturday nights. We laughed our butts off skating – like usual. I think it’s truly awesome that after 4 years every time we’re together seems more fun than the last. I wish every day could be like this past weekend was.