Smitten with Him

grown-up stuff happens here sometimes



All of the time I suspect that things are not what they seem…

…everything has a different meaning…

No one truly means what they’re saying… (I’m getting much better at this one)

Part of that is conditioning I received from my parents (mostly father). And, although I am not blaming them, I have a really tough time changing those conditioned parts of myself.

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A Whole Different Person


Right now I am on my second visit to TC.

I have total mixed feelings about it. Sometimes I am totally excited and then, other times…

I don’t know, you tell me –

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How Long Must I Wait…

… for my release?

I am horny and frustrated.

Pent up and repressed.

My imagination constantly returns to thoughts of pleasure and appeasement.

Not knowing when…

Is this a test? (is that a stupid question?)

Is this a part of my ‘training’? (and this as well?)

Would it be easier if I knew…

How long must I wait?