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The “Return” of Mr. Nice Guy

To be honest, like Alaska, he’s never really gone. He just lurks on the sidelines waiting for the perfect moment to reach out and let me know he’s still around.

Let us rewind for a moment:

Mr. Nice Guy and I used to work together – almost 5 years…

For a hot minute, in 2016, I thought we were going to be a “thing”, but it never really worked out or clicked or whatever. We had a few dates, each a little worse than the last

(the first one should have been an omen OMG!)

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Oh my fucking god!!

What does “never” mean to you?

Clearly not what it really means.

When I told you I never wanted to talk to you or hear from you again

I fucking meant NEVER

Don’t call me

Don’t text me

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Your Dom Is Showing

So… I haven’t mentioned Mr. Nice Guy for quite some time. Probably because we’ve only been talking about vanilla things at work and haven’t spent any extra time together outside of that because we’ve been separately busy.

Also, he told me that he will no longer “get involved” with a co-worker. Good idea. Sometimes it works and people can be grown-ups when it ends, sometimes it doesn’t.

I get it. But it’s another reason we haven’t been spending as much time together.

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This Man Is One of the Reasons I Don’t Like Cancers

(…along with Doom-n-Gloom and an ex-roommate who tried to run me over with my own car…)

I mentioned this gentleman (the Cancer) in a previous post. I thought I wouldn’t be sharing more of him with you, but apparently I am 😉

The last three text conversations with him went as follows (keep in mind that this man is in his 40s – at least that’s what he told me):
He is Red and I am Blue.



I have a feeling he was going to “Hey” me all night until I answered

He didn’t respond after that…

Until two days later when he started this convo:


Again, no response…

Then, Tuesday morning at 9:19, he called me. I let it go to voicemail and didn’t respond until 2:15PM with the following text message/s:


Third time, no response…

I kind of wanted to almost give him a chance, but he is super shitty at conversating – even the one time we actually spoke on the phone.

Why does he keep calling me and texting me? Does he think I will forget the last time?