I have a lot to catch up on from the past couple of months, so posts will be a little randomly-placed when it comes to timing…

Please bear with me, and I hope you enjoy reading about my foibles and my victories!


Today It’s Really Hard

Today It’s Really Hard

Thursday night I received a text from Alaska out of nowhere. It had been 6 days since my 10PM panicked call to him while I was trying to sort out what happened with MM. When he didn’t follow up with me afterward, I wasn’t surprised (I was kind of hoping he wouldn’t anyway) – it’s not like I left him a voicemail or sent him a text or anything…

Friday night he messaged me again, asking what I was doing. I was on my way to a date so I told him I was going to dinner (no lies this time). Alaska was doing laundry… It was a quick and simple conversation.

Saturday he was quiet, so I figured he had given up..
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