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The Kisser: Kinky Talk


I like almost everything kinky… sex outside… spanking… some light humiliation… bondage when done correctly… and I would love to go to a sex club!

Really?! I’ve wanted to try Mon Chalet for a while now. I don’t know of any others…

Awesome cool! It’s kinda neat there. I’ve only been once and during the day.

Nice. Just kinda neat?

That was a mild understatement. I wish I could have seen more.

I want to hear more about the bondage and humiliation…

Like calling me a dirty slut, tying me to the bed while you eat me out… Force-feeding your cock to me…

I will seriously try just about anything with someone I trust and who treats me well.

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My Very Brief Weekend Dating “Adventure”


Last Wednesday I received the sweetest note on FetLife. The subject was “Interested, so very interested”. The message that followed was so charming I checked out his profile.

He’s only 26. Not much there for a profile, but I don’t have much either. Just pictures, and only one kind of with my face.

He didn’t have any pics posted online, but he addressed that in his note:

The way I see it being loud is like cheer leading, lets me know I’m doing a good job, and you can break as much of my skin as you like 😉
Hi, I’m “RS” (short for Rock Star) and I’m hoping that we can get to know each other.
What kinds of things are you into (both vanilla and kink)
I don’t have any pictures on my profile right now, but if you’re interested I can send you some via email or KIK.

Note: Rock Star is not his name on FetLife

I responded. He sent pics. He was gorgeous. We emailed a couple more times and then exchanged numbers. He’s new at the kink thing and so am I. We had common interests in rope/bondage, wax play, switching and also similar personalities and interests outside of the bedroom.

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Meeting you

I have the back door of my truck open and I’m bent over the back seat getting my walking shoes as you approach me from behind
I don’t notice, and you slip your hands around my curvy hips
I stand up and turn around, you’re right there in front of me faces so close, bodies so close, I can feel the heat radiating from you
my back arches into you eagerly as your hands move from my hips up to my shoulders, lingering for a long moment on my breasts
you tweak my nipples gently and they respond hungrily to your touch
you lean into me, gripping me tightly, pressing my body onto the truck
you lower your mouth to mine in a kiss that manages to be abrupt and relaxed at the same time
your warmth and closeness comforting, the power of your hands and your body against mine compelling, reassuring and intimidating all at once
the scent of you, something indescribably, utterly masculine, along with the smell of the outdoors feels like something I could take off my clothes and roll about naked in
I rest my palms against the muscles of your chest and take in the steady beat of your heart, feel the heat of your body
my mouth turns farther into yours, lips parting, exploring and tasting you
you let out a small, hungry sound and press your body closer to mine, bending your head to place a soft kiss on the side of my throat
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