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Nothing But Trouble


Ahhh, Lil Bear, how you ail me

Your water pump

Then your thermostat

No, wait, maybe it’s your radiator

AND your thermostat *sigh*

Now your lug nuts break!?

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Car Stress

Mick has really been quite a hero the past couple of weeks.

My roller skates broke and he fixed my old pair for me so I could skate while I was waiting for my replacements to arrive.


Since then, my replacements have arrived and been customized to my standards 😉 and I think I actually like the old ones better now… but that’s another story… back to the hero part…

Breezy has needed front wheel bearings for quite some time. I purchased the parts and Mick did the work. We spent the Sunday afternoon together. First I had some things I needed to get off my chest but after that it was him working and me asking questions. Car fixing fun!! Soon we’ll be fixing the rest of Breezy’s littler issues. It’s such a relief!

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My “New” Car

I’ve decided to name him “Lil Bear”. (I miss my big Bear SO MUCH!)

It took 4 weeks to figure it out, but that’s what I decided.

He’s a little ’99 Subaru Legend GT Sedan with 150,000 miles, rebuilt from salvage.


I got a great deal!!

One of my dearest friends helped me until I found the perfect car.

There’s even a Minnesota bumper sticker on the back! When I saw that, I was sure Lil Bear was meant to be mine.

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One More Week! and Happy Friday!

It has been such a long time since I posted, I’ll bet you all thought I forgot about you, eh? Work has been insanely busy this week and probably next week — because I am taking next Thursday and Friday off for my sk8-venture next weekend (and it is budgeting season *sigh*).


I am SO excited for my first sk8-venture!!! But this week has been kind of rough. Tuesday morning the fuel pump went out on my lovely truck, Bear. This is 3 weeks after Loverman replaced the water pump *sigh*. It’s frustrating because I am already pinched for money and now this costly little snag… I feel very lucky (blessed) that Loverman is here for me to help fix my truck when it breaks. It’s nice to know that I don’t have to pay an auto-shop huge amounts of cha-ching in order to have reliable transportation.

I have thought a few times about getting a newer car and making payments every month, but Bear always wins out. It might seem like he needs to be fixed all the time, but I spend less $$ in maintenance on my truck than I would be spending on payments for a newer vehicle. I understand that I might make up the cost with better gas mileage; I just love LOVE love my truck too much to let him go. I have another car at Loverman’s house, he just needs to drop the engine into it and re-connect everything. That one gets better mileage. I am just waiting patiently for it to be finished. (and once it’s done, that car will probably go to Thing #1.)

Dream of Alone Man by Ivan Koulakov

Dream of Alone Man
by Ivan Koulakov


After taking three weeks off from Date Night, Loverman and I went out again this Tuesday. We have been skating together and talking on the phone, but I wanted to take a little time away from him because we were both seemed so easily irritated by each other almost constantly. Plus, our last two Date Nights didn’t go very well and it was more than a little frustrating. Frustrating enough that I thought some time “apart” might actually help us better appreciate our time together again.

I realized that one of the reasons I am so devastated when we don’t have a good time is probably because we don’t know when we will be able to spend more time together. Each time we are together could be our last time together for a while, which adds needless pressure to have a good time no matter what; and sometimes that just isn’t possible.

I was right. I missed the hell out of him for the last week and he (and Coconut) obviously missed me, too. It was nice to snuggle up in his warm arms and sleep together for at least one night! Now we will have to wait until next weekend, but then we will have 3 whole days together.

There isn’t much to write about, though, and my creative writing juices just aren’t flowing this week (part of the reason I haven’t been writing). The sex wasn’t mind-blowing, but it was a lot (for one night…). Something that I needed very much! I reveled in the intimacy and I think that spending a few weeks abstaining helped him to re-appreciate me a little, too. But he doesn’t get much sleep during the week, so when he’s with me it’s tough for him not to crash out completely.

Our 45-minute drive to the casino/hotel was very quiet, but it was the comfortable silence of being together. At one point I looked over at him while I was driving and saw he had fallen asleep — so cute and peacefully, I couldn’t bear to wake him. As we were pulling into the parking garage he woke up and said, “Perfect timing, Mamacita.”

When we got to our room and had settled in a bit he asked me if I wanted to go downstairs and get a drink. I was laying on the bed on my stomach and I just looked up at him and said, “Can’t we just spend some time together here? I really missed you and I just want to be with you.”

“Your wish is my command, Mamacita. If you want to stay here, we will stay here.” Then his phone rang and it was his brother in St. Louis. His 80-year-old mother had surgery last week and they were calling to check in. While they were chatting on the phone, I massaged his feet and tried to make him more comfortable and relaxed. He was so tense.

He hung up after about 30 minutes, got undressed and the rest of the night was ecstasy!

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