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Monday Motivation: Silence

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My Amazing Aesthetician

Not only does she give a great Brazilian, she is very wise.

At all my appointments, we talk about the men in our lives (mostly mine, because she is more at peace with herself and her needs).

Last time, I mentioned I am getting frustrated with myself because I can’t figure out what/who I want.

I’m restless. Feeling old. I mentioned that I didn’t really want to reschedule another waxing next month because… what’s the point?

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Life is Shadows

Excerpt from “The Feeling of Emptiness” posted on Om Swami

… … The inner journey of discovering yourself, begins by consciously cultivating emotions of contentment, gratitude and compassion.

You cannot be empty if you are content, you can’t be sad if you are grateful, you can’t be angry if you are compassionate.

Fill yourself with love. It’s worth it. Recalibrate your thoughts, so you may realign your emotions.

Scriptures call it shunayata (IAST: śūnyatā) from the Sanskrit word shunya which means zero or emptiness. It is the essence of life and all perceptible phenomena.

In the dark night of the soul, when you lose your own reflection, when aching emptiness becomes unbearable loneliness, just sit tight and wait for the dawn. The sun will rise again and the shadows of joys will enthrall you one more time. Bear in mind though, shadows are just that — shadows. They are impermanent and unstable. Everything is. This is life. This is fine. This is beautiful.





Wisom and Cheerfulness

“The most certain sign of wisdom is cheerfulness. ”
Michel de Montaigne



Everyone Is Beautiful!

Beauty vs Ugliness by bachatera

Beauty vs Ugliness
by bachatera

I love Paulo Coelho. His words of wisdom often hit me right where it counts. He doesn’t always say what you would expect from a philosopher and he often addresses current issues (Internet Trolls).

Here is another of his wisdoms that I would like to pass on to you all. Short and sweet and to the point.

You are beautiful simply because you exist

Forever and always every single one of you is so very beautiful!

Pay more attention, because here I am


We forget that the world is what we imagine it to be.
We stop being the moonlight and become, instead, the pool of water reflecting it.
Tomorrow, the water will evaporate in the sun. And all because, one day, someone said: ‘You are ugly.’ Or: ‘She is pretty.’ With those three simple words, they stole away all our self-confidence.
And we become ugly and embittered.

At that moment, we can draw comfort from so-called ‘wisdom’, an accumulation of ideas put together by people wishing to define the world, instead of respecting the mystery of life.
This ‘wisdom’ consists of all the unnecessary rules, regulations and measurements intended to establish a standard of behaviour.

According to that false wisdom, we should not be concerned about beauty because it is superficial and ephemeral.

That isn’t true. All the beings created under the sun, from birds to mountains, from flowers to rivers, reflect the miracle of creation.

If we resist the temptation to allow other people to define who we are, then we will gradually be able to let the sun inside our own soul shine forth.
Love passes by and says: ‘I never noticed you before.’

And our soul responds:
‘Well, pay more attention, because here I am. It took a breeze to blow the dust from your eyes, but now that you have recognised me, don’t leave me again, because all of us desire beauty.’


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What have I done?

I have a very wise friend (actually I have a couple)… but this one and I talk frequently about spirituality and her views are very similar to mine. Neither one of is “Christian” — those beliefs do not seem to fulfill either one of our spiritual needs. But, until now, I have not met a person with so much in common with me as this. In fact, I think I have scared several people away telling them about these things that make my life a little easier to cope with.

 I believe that we are all here to serve a purpose (to “get it right” as I say). Each choice we make is like a test, for lack of a better word. Each time we make the “right” (or good) choice it’s like a gold star on our chart. Each time we make the “wrong” (or stupid) choice one of those stars comes off.

If we reach the “correct” amount of gold stars (“get it right”) by the time we die, that means we “figured out what it’s all about”. We have passed the test of our character. At this point we actually get to create and start our own universe! If we don’t “get it right” we are reincarnated again as something and given the opportunity to “try again”.

Now, mind you, the number of “gold stars” is a very incalculable and arbitrary number. In my version I still haven’t figured out who determines that “number”. But — Jesus, Buddha, Confucius and very few others are likely the only people who have passed this “test” and achieved their nirvana of a new universe.

My girlfriend believes pretty much the same thing… Except that, if we have a “do over” situation, WE CHOOSE OUR NEW LIFE EVENTS BEFORE WE ARE REINCARNATED to our new life. I had to ask her about this one, though. If we choose the stuff that’s going to happen to us, won’t that make it easier for us to “get it right”? Isn’t that cheating?

She responded, “No, it’s not cheating, because once you actually start your new life, you won’t remember anything about your previous lives. You won’t actually know what to choose at the time you need to, you just place certain experiences along your path so you can learn something important from each one of them. Hopefully, helping you to influence you toward the correct (good) choices along the way.”

Either of these theories notwithstanding, I don’t know how many times I have “done life over” in order to “get it right”, but I have a feeling that it’s already been quite a few times. What happened to me in my past lives that made me choose this path for me this lifetime? What have I done!?!?! What am I supposed to do!?!?!

I think that what I have learned most from believing in either one of these theories is that every time something new, challenging, painful, fun… happens to me and I have to make a choice or have feelings about it, I think to myself: What am I supposed to learn from this? How was this supposed to help me grow?

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