Smitten with Him

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Last Thursday Morning…

… I was missing Loverman so much I had to write a post about it.

But, even after that, it was hard for me to focus and I kept getting upset for no reason. So, I decided to be vulnerable and just call him and tell him.

The phone call was short and sweet.

“Hi, baby. This might sound really silly, but I had to call and tell you that I am suffering from ‘Loverman’ Withdrawal really bad this morning.”

I could hear him smiling over the phone and he asked what I meant.

After I explained it to him, he responded, “Silly, Mama. You know I am always with you.”


Loverman Withdrawal

We had such an amazing night last night. The last couple of days have been crazy and Tuesday night did not go as I had planned 😦 but last night was wonderful! It’s like, even though he’s having a really crappy life right now, he’s still trying to make sure that things still go well and that we’re still having fun. I never wanted to tell him “I love you” more than I did this morning.

But our very short morning together was cut even shorter because I had to drop Loverman off somewhere completely different than usual. After dropping him off, it added another 15-30 minutes onto my already-50-minute commute, which took away pretty much all of our cuddle time!

And, as a result I am feeling an incredible amount of Loverman withdrawal this morning.

This week has been a torrential ‘thrill’ of emotion and I am very proud of how composed I have been for all the things that didn’t work out as I had planned wanted. But in times of crisis I seem to have more strength/pluck. I don’t understand why it’s easier to put feelings aside at some times rather than others…

Photo Credit: lanier67

Photo Credit: lanier67

I have a lot to say, but I don’t have any time to say it right now. It’s month-end at work and I have to get all that done, plus Loverman was just evicted and there is a lot of time and bullshit that goes into that.

I hope that I can keep it all in my memory bank until I have more time (I hope) to write it here this weekend.