Sail On

Sail on down the line ’bout-a half-a mile or so
And-a don’t really wanna know-a where you’re goin’
Maybe once or twice, you see, time after time
I tried-a to, to hold on to what we got, but-a now you’re goin’
And I don’t mind about the things you’re gonna say, Lord
I gave all my money, and my time
I know it’s a shame, but I’m givin’ you back your name, yeah, yeah
Yes I’ll be on my way, I won’t be back to stay
I guess I’ll move along, I’m lookin’ for a good time

Sail on down the line, ain’t it funny how the time can go on-a
Friends say they told me so, but it doesn’t matter
It was plain to see that a small town boy like me
Just-a wasn’t your cup of tea
It was wishful thinkin’
I gave you my heart and I tried to make you happy
And you gave me nothin’ in return
You know, it ain’t so hard to say, “Would you please just go away,” yeah, yeah
I’ve thrown away the blues, I’m tired of bein’ used
I want everyone to know I’m lookin’ for a good time, good time

Sail on honey
Good times never felt so good
Sail on honey
Good times never felt so good
Sail on sugar
Good times never felt so good


“Before the World Explodes”

by The Wind and the Wave

For every time you said this time I will be better
I believed you like a wet match in a dream
That’s just some old lie you heard somewhere from some old guy
Who never gave a shit about a thing
I don’t want to live this way
Standing on your empty grave
Just looking for the next fork in the road
So make up your mind or die
‘Cause I’ve got my own damn life
The worst of which I’m tying to let go

I said, boy, I’m already gone
I’m already gone
It’s sad but I got nothing left in me
I said, boy, I’m already gone
I’m already gone
And nothing left except this memory
Of you, you, you

Some people get ahead and some people always lag behind
No matter what they do
Some of us turn and run
Some of us face whatever hurts the most
Whatever changes you
Whatever changes you and


How can a single moment
Always set you up for failure
How does the radio
Know what I wanna hear
Right when I wanna hear it
Before the world explodes
Before the world explodes and



Monday Motivation: A Brand New Ending

“Every person was born to live out the dream they have inside”

“There is a thief in your mind who is after your dreams, his name is DOUBT. If you see him, call the cops and keep him away from the kids, cuz he is wanted for murder. For he has killed more dreams than failure ever did. He wears many disguises and, like a virus, will leave you blinded and divided and will turn you into a ‘kinda’.”

“If you ‘kinda’ want something, then you will ‘kinda’ get the results you want. What is that dream? What ignites that spark? You can’t ‘kinda’ want that, you gotta want it with every part of your whole heart.”

“You will fall many times, but who’s counting?”

“Pain is life. But you can choose what type. Either the pain on the road to success, or the pain of being haunted with regret.”