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Official Rules for Strip Chess

on January 27, 2015
Strip Chess by julvett

Strip Chess by julvett

This was me at the end of the game… it was sad… (for me, but not so much for him 😉 )

Classic Rules of Strip Chess

If you want to keep things simple, stick with the classic rules of strip chess. Both players wear no more than 10 articles of clothing (2 socks, 2 shoes, underwear, pants, undershirt or bra, belt, and 2 accessories are common).

Each time a Knight, Bishop, or Rook is captured, whomever’s piece was taken removes one article of clothing. However, if one of those above pieces is captured by a pawn, then two pieces of clothing come off. If the queen is captured, two pieces comes off.

A player can get one article of clothing back if his or her King or Queen takes a piece.

Checkmate means the loser must take off three pieces of clothing (In our case, Scorpio is the one who removed my three pieces of clothing. This time he knew what ‘prize’ he wanted for winning!).

Tournament Play

Yes, it’s possible that more than two people will want to play strip chess in the same setting at the same time (really?!?!). You can play round robin or just set a maximum number of games per player. Instead of players taking off clothes after each capture, players will do so after each game.

  • For a loss, the player will remove two pieces of clothing.
  • For a draw, both players will remove one article of clothing.
  • In a stalemate, the person with the most pieces takes off two pieces of clothing (since he or she could have prevented the stalemate).

The winner is the one who has collected the most clothes.

rules found at: Love To Know

2 responses to “Official Rules for Strip Chess

  1. augustmacgregor says:

    Fun that there are classic rules for this! And that’s a perfect photo for this post. Maybe I think that because the guy’s winning… but then, both will surely win in the end 🙂

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