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So Sorry

on November 17, 2014

I’m so sorry YOUR feelings got hurt because YOU fucked up and *I* was held responsible for it.

After you watched as I was humiliated and berated for YOUR completely unacceptable and inappropriate work behavior, you couldn’t just leave me alone for a few minutes to chill out?!?!

Why does that even surprise me at this point?

I simply said, “I’m sorry. Please give me some time to cool off. This has been a very rough morning and I am very upset right now. It’s very difficult to be humiliated like that for someone else’s mistake and just bounce back.”

So you storm into your office, close the door and start sassing me while you sit behind your locked office door.

How fucked up is that?

full of fuck

Are there even grown-up people that act like fucking adults any more???

Why can’t I know some of those people?!

I’m starting to wonder…

11 responses to “So Sorry

  1. There are some around…but it doesn’t sound like they are at your workplace 😦

    Are you able to go for a walk?

    • Thanks, Ann. I keep trying to tell myself that I am supposed to be learning something from this type of behavior and that is why I continue to surround myself with it (both in my personal as well as in my professional life). I *did* go for a walk and tried to get high – when I got back to my desk, my co-worker came straight back to my office to go at me again. If I close my door, she just opens it… I gave her the death glare when I told her that I was upset and not in a state of mind to talk – that is probably what prompted her door-closing-and-sassing-me-behind-it episode. (That’s her thing, mumbling under her breath as she walks away or behind a closed door, just loud enough for people to hear everything she’s saying. *sigh*)

      I know, from blogging (and heresay 😉 ), that there are plenty of intelligent, responsible, professional, appropriate and NICE adults out there. Unfortunately, my subconscious just isn’t ready to interact with one on a consistent basis.

      • I would imagine though you don’t have as much of a choice in your professional life? I can see that in the personal realm, you have some control, for sure.

        I am very lucky to work for an amazing company with an even better culture. But I’ve also worked in toxic environments and I commiserate.

        I find it so interesting the people that we are drawn to, however, especially when they aren’t good for us. Not sure how to break those patterns. If you figure it out can you let me know?

  2. rougedmount says:

    “Do you enjoy being disrespectful, consciously rude and condescending? You need to back off NOW..and I mean NOW..and from this moment forward, when my door is closed it means you don’t touch it, let alone open it, do you understand me? If not we can address it through HR as this is the last time I am dealing with your unprofessional conduct.
    Sometimes the lessons you need to learn is how to use your outside voice to bitch slap a bitch when needed.

  3. Adults in the work place seam few and far between!

  4. grrrrrrrrrrrrr…. we got some of those here, too.

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