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I Love My Desk

on October 4, 2012

The past couple of weeks have been long and boring for me because, as you may already know from reading my blog, Loverman got a new job and his hours changed to the schedule-from-hell! (I’m only saying that because we have yet to adapt to it. It’s just different and I don’t like it…) I miss him so much it’s making me crazy, but I have been trying to occupy my mind with different (less lonely and futile) thoughts.

We actually spoke to each other this Monday, and it was an almost 2-hour-long phone call (we had a lot to talk about, what can I say?). And then Wednesday I called Mr. Loverman again because we haven’t seen each other for a couple of weeks. We caught up on each others’ lives: he helped a friend find a car on Monday after we talked, his new job sucks, I miss roller skating with him, his step-son has been driving him crazy, my teenagers are both home sick, etc… He asked if he could come and see me for lunch but I couldn’t because of a lunch meeting.  However, I did tell him that my very sturdy desk is looking a little cluttered and I might need someone to “help me clean it off” later… Like at 5:30 after everyone else has gone home… 😉

First, he said my name in that admonishing/stern tone that he uses when I am asking him to do inappropriate things…! (It’s SO sexy when he does that, it gives me butterflies in very special places!!!) Then he made some muffled comments on his side of the phone. And asked me a couple of questions to throw me off. Like: What time is skating tomorrow night? What time do you get off work? A couple more questions and then some more mumblings on the other end of the call: “hmmmm…yeah… that should work… uh huh…that sounds good…she’ll like that…” Then all of a sudden there’s a “Happy Birthday” and a confirmation “Yep, that’ll work just fine.”

I just listened to him and his silliness because I knew what he was trying to do to me — he was trying to get me all worked up! And, it worked like a charm (as always). When I heard the “happy birthday!” those butterflies almost exploded out of me because when he figgers something out, I LIKE IT!!! Of course I had to start asking questions… What are you talking about? Do I need to wear something special? Why won’t you tell me? What’s going on in your head, sweet coconut? (he calls me “peanut” so I picked a nut that matches him.) In my head I could see the grin that was on his face. I could hear it in his voice, too, when he said “You’ll just have to wait and see… Peanut!…”

We continued our conversation – the Happy Birthday topic didn’t come up again, but I did mention 5:30 a few more times before we hung up. Our phone call ended – once again almost two hours (good thing we both have unlimited minutes ;)). I think he went to sleep and I went on with my boring day, thinking that something would happen Thursday night either while I was at the Roller Rink or after I was done skating.

So then when I got a text from him at 5:05 PM asking when I get off, my response was “When you GET me off, silly!” (of course, duh!)

LM: Oh, I’ll get you off!

ME: LMFBO! I am so ready, baby! Are you coming to help me clean off my desk?

LM: Yeah, I can help you with that.

ME: Awesome, because everyone is gone and I have the office to myself. Hehehehehe…

LM: I’ll be right up!

Excitement! He hasn’t seen my office yet, except for in pictures. I was so titillated I raced out to the elevator to meet him. He greeted me with some tender kisses – barely touching my lips. Then his lips wandered to the spot right below my earlobe that gives me goosebumps and he lingered there for a second, breathing in deeply. “Mmmmmm… You always smell so good,” his whispery breath tickling the little hairs on my neck. I grabbed his hand and led him into my office and turned out the ceiling light (you know, just in case people outside could see in…).

He looked around and made a comment about my empty bookshelf and lack of things on the walls. There were a few comments made about my great view and southern exposure. Does it get too hot in here in the afternoon? -that kind of stuff. While he was talking and observing, I was unbuckling his pants. I rubbed my hand across the front to see if he was “ready” yet and my hand met up with one of the hardest erections I have ever felt! I think I might have had a mini-orgasm from the thought that he was already that excited to see me (writing about it now is making me tingle a little bit)!

With his pants around his ankles and me with my skirt hiked up around my waist, I “cleaned off” my desk with one swipe of my arm (just like in the movies). My Lover grabbed me around my waist with his hands and lifted me up to his hips (he is so massively strong — ooooh la la!). He lowered me onto him with impeccable aim and landed right inside of me with one passionate, deep thrust. While I held him deep inside of me, he lowered my body gently onto my lovely desk.

I could feel every part of his rock hard prick as it caressed the folds of my love canal. Moaning was out of the question, but this man felt so good I had to force myself to keep quiet.

I can’t remember how or when, but somehow he managed to flip me over on the desk so I was face-down, doggy-style. Sometimes I really like it this way. My hair gets sweaty on my face and it makes me feel so naughty — and, we should definitely not be doing this, so naughty was a very appropriate way to feel!

I wish our reunion didn’t have to be rushed like this, but I’ll take it where I can get it, baby! He felt so good inside me, every wrinkle on his throbbing dick making me shiver with pleasure as he moved in and out of me slowly… Gently… Deliberately… He takes his time, always making sure that I am completely satisfied before he allows himself his moment of pleasure to orgasm. This time was no different. I felt his anticipation and building excitement as he thrust more quickly and deeper into me. I had to let out a gasp of pleasure (probably more than that, I won’t lie) as he plunged one last time into the wet folds of my pussy. A moan of pleasure escaping his lips, too, as we both reached our climaxes together. Quietly and slowly, he leaned down over my back and whispered, panting, into my ear, “There. Now that should calm them down for a couple days. Huh?”

He’s so cute! That made me laugh out loud! We cleaned up ourselves (and put my desk back in order) and got dressed. And, just as we were getting ready to leave and I was locking the office door, the cleaning crew was getting off the elevator….


5 responses to “I Love My Desk

  1. confessionsofyourhusbandsmistress says:

    Awesome office sex! The best!

  2. passionfail says:

    You are naughty. The pics are funny especially the ones of the workers.

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