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Second Sunday Good-Byes

on September 3, 2015
(This was my first Sunday in Houston, back in July. I’m finishing it because I said I would. The Facebook conversation-parts have all been deleted; I still have the text messages.)


Very early Sunday morning, after sharing some very special intimate moments, I grasped TC’s resting cock and held him in my hand. As we were drifting back into dreamland, he mumbled, “Yours.” In response I squeezed a little tighter for a moment and whispered just below his earlobe, “Yes, Papi. Mine.”

I wished I could have slowed time completely for that single moment. It was so comfortable there with him, nestled into his shoulder. I was warm, sated and felt adored.

We slept until about 8AM and then TC offered to go out and get us coffee again. This time I didn’t object as I had the morning before, understanding that he needed and wanted to be able to do this for me. Also, it’s possible that he wanted some time alone.

While he was out, I spent a few minutes waking up, putting in my teeth and then I started getting my things together for my flight home. TC had pulled out a couple of t-shirts for me to bring home as sleep shirts and I had all sorts of brand new bras and panties, too!

(OMG, this is hard to write.)

I can’t remember most of what happened when he got back with our coffee, but there wasn’t much time before we had to leave for the airport: my flight left at 2PM, so we had to leave his apartment by 11:3o. I do remember it as happy and kissy and fun. I tried not to be all morose that I was leaving, because I knew I would be back to see him in 4 short weeks.

He dropped me off at the airport and there was more kissing. I tried not to cry because I didn’t want to be ‘that person’ walking through the airport. By the time we were done saying (rather, kissing) our Good-Byes, his car had been surrounded by others and he was parked in.

I like Hobby Airport in Houston. It is small and quiet and comfortable, but this was my first time flying out of there and I was anxious about going through security – this time 1,000 miles away from home. You know, it’s one thing when you can’t fly out of your home town, so you just go back to your house; it’s another thing completely when you can’t leave and you are so far away with nowhere to go!

My denture cleaning powder caused problems again on my way through. This time the TSA was much more thorough with my things and she almost didn’t let me take the stuff with me (not that it really would have mattered, I guess), but she did and I made it to the gate with more than enough time to spare.

I texted TC to let him know that I was at the gate and we had a sweet, little chat.

The flight boarded on time, left on time and then arrived in Denver on time.


The ‘misunderstanding’ didn’t start until after that.

It turns out that while I was in the air, completely oblivious and naïve, relishing my fantastic weekend, TC was reading my blog.

♫ duh duh DUN

He sent me a message on Facebook saying, “I read the Cast of Characters and I think I’ll go back to not reading again.”

I got home, took a bath, dried off, had some dinner… All that before logging in to my computer to check my Facebook messages.

When TC sent that message, he knew FULL WELL that I wouldn’t even know to check my Facebook messages until way later. We had been using texts to communicate all damn day!

When I first read it, I had NO idea what he was talking about. So my initial response probably seemed really flippant and fucked up, because I responded with: “that’s probably best anyway. I know how much you hate reading 😉 ”

It was a few minutes after I sent that message when I realized exactly what Cast of Characters he was talking about – it’s a page that I have now deleted, so you can’t even look at it and see it, but it was titled The Other ‘Other’ Men.

I think, as he read that page, it actually dawned on him that I had been screwing around on my husband for quite a while and, without a timetable or talking with me about it, he was overwhelmed. Never mind the fact that he found me through my blog, already knew I was married, blah, blah, blah…

Selective ignorance.

I’m obviously guilty of it, too.

It was too late for me to pull out the gigantic foot that I had stuck in my mouth, but I tried anyway. As soon as I realized the mistake I made, I told him that I was sorry for not knowing what he really meant. The conversation for the rest of the evening was patchy at best.

The heavenly weekend that I just spent with him ended that night with both of us confused and crashing.

to be continued

4 responses to “Second Sunday Good-Byes

  1. Selina says:

    I just wish I could hug you!!!! It sucks when things get confused and you wish you could take back something that you can’t…something so little but even the pea in a mattress kept a Princess awake! Regardless what anyone else thinks/says you are an AMAZING woman to me and I admire your strength greatly!

    • ❤ Selina, you are totally right about the Princess and the Pea – thank you for changing my perspective a bit!
      I am truly flattered. Words can't express how nice you just made me feel. Thank you. XOX!

      • Selina says:

        It’s funny but something that doesn’t feel like a “big thing” to us may be the pea in the mattress to those who are more sensitive than us like the Princess’s of the world. Doesn’t make us wrong and them right, just means they need more understanding than we do.

        I’m glad that you felt nice because you always make me smile…your a Diva and it was his loss!

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